Pedal Revolution Seeking Part-Time Sales Help.

July 28, 2014 by

Pedal Revolution San Francisco nonprofit bicycle shop is looking for a part-time salesperson to join our team.

Are you super friendly? Love bikes? Love talking to people about bikes?  Have great sales abilities? Believe in helping under-supported young people?

Drop us a resume!
Skills and requirements:

- Knowledge and experience with differing styles of bicycles, and bicycle parts,
– Excellent customer service skills
– Strong salesmanship skills
-Friendly and outgoing attitude
-Inventory management, organization, restocking
– Able to work in a fast-paced environment, autonomously or with a team- having a sense of urgency to get tasks completed.
-Able to multi-task and problem solve.
– Engaging, upbeat customer interaction
– Able to provide support to management, shop staff, and youth interns
-Excited to support and engage with our social mission and work with our youth interns
– A positive attitude, exceptional organizational skills, computer skills, POS experience and a detail orientated personality are required
– Must be able to work weekend shifts and some weekdays
-Women encouraged to apply.

If you’d like to check out the shop feel free to visit but we’d prefer to meet you after reviewing your resume and cover letter that tells us why you’d be a great match for our unique bike shop. Email your resume and let us know why you think you’d be a great addition to our team.



Intern Graduation Day @Pedal Revolution!!

July 25, 2014 by

Congratulations to Pedal Revolution intern OJ who successfully graduated his 6 month internship at the shop yesterday!! Its been a real pleasure having OJ with us. He loves building bikes and has a great eye for color and detail. OJ surprised all of us here at Pedal Rev when he showed up unexpectedly on a Sunday, one month into his internship and announced that he was determined to build himself a bike from the frame up (his earn-a bike). He spent the next 6 hours doing just that  and now enjoys the fruits of his labor riding to and from work everyday.

Here are a couple shots of OJ hard at work on his last bike project – a beautiful Trek 800 rebuild with an excellent color scheme. OJ is headed to school this fall and is hoping to find work with Parks and Rec coaching young people in sports.

Best of luck OJ!



Tangent City Mountain Bike @ Pedal Revolution Refurbished Bike Update

July 19, 2014 by

Another nice upright conversion here that hits some of the usual marks for a Pedal Revolution rehab. This steel framed 26″ wheeled smaller bike had it’s original knobbyish tires discarded for some nice new Continental Touring Plus tires.  The original flat handlebar was replaced with a Pedal Revolution favorite, the classic chrome Wald (USA!!!) “tourist” (aka model # 8095) bar.  Naturally, the bike also got some new brake pads a bit a of flair from new cables and colored housing.  This 17′” bike is a great do it all ride for someonearound 5’4″.  Part-Time Pedal Revolution summer sales staffer, and full-time kindergarten teacher, Daniel, said, “This bike will do everything”. Believe it, a multi-use and multi-purpose bike for just $325!

Sweet Crackle Paint Job

Sweet Crackle Paint Job


Sick Wald Bar

17″ Frame – $325

Trek Road/Upright Conversion @Pedal Revolution Refurbished Bike Update

July 18, 2014 by

A really nice rebuild on yet another classic-era Trek frame. New powder-coat paint and mostly new parts on this one including, wheels, tires, drive-train, brakes, bars, saddle. Larger lugged steel frame with ample tire clearance and compact drive-train with wide range rear gearing. Ready for everyday use and the occasional longer distance/camp out overnight. Some Pedal Rev parts favorites are represented here like: Shimano/Mavic CXP wheel-set, Schwalbe creme delta cruiser tires, Nitto stem, and Soma Oxford bars finished off with signature harlequin cloth tape wrap job.

Sized big! 63 Seat Tube x 57 Top tube. Variable fit with the shortish top tube but we matched a long stem to compensate. Great for somebody 6’2″ and up, might work for a shorter person with a really long inseam.



bigtrekbl6 bigtrekbl5 bigtrekbl4

bigtrekbl2 bigtrekbl1


Trek 820 All Arounder @Pedal Revolution Refurbished Bikes

July 17, 2014 by

Trek 800. Classic 90’s mountain bike rebuilt into do-all utility vehicle. New wheels, drivetrain, bars, brakes, shifter, tires…pretty much the works. Ready for daily commute duty or load it up at the market as a grocery getter. Sized for the tall folks.

22″ – $400. SOLD!

photo 2

photo 5 photo 4 photo 3

photo 1


Old West Scenic Bikeway…Warning! Bike touring and really cute dog content.

July 16, 2014 by

A few posts back we blogged a recent custom built New Albion Privateer touring bike that Pedal Revolution put together for a customer and her canine friend. Below is a link to her great write up from the recent Oregon bike tour that they did:

Follow the link or click the image:


New Albion Homebrew @Pedal Revolution New Bike Update

July 16, 2014 by

This New Albion Homebrew went out the door today with a happy customer. She wanted a versatile road bike that could be converted to everyday commuter duty. It had to be light, fast, but equipped to carry all of her photography equipment to various  photo shoots.

photo 1

We swapped the drop bars and downtube shifters for a Soma Oxford bar and IRD 9 Speed thumbshifters. The stock stem was switched out with a more upright Velo Orange quill stem. A softer saddle to accomdate an upright seating position was added as well as a set of reflective sidewall Panaracer Pasela tires. The final touch was a Wald basket for load carrying duty.

photo 2

Pedal Revolution is excited to be stocking these super versatile, classic looking bikes. Road, touring, commuting, they do it all quite well with braze-on mounts for any manner of racks and fenders. Wide tire clearance is another feature that we love about this bike. The styling of the Homebrew is a nod to the classic steel bikes of yesterday; partially lugged construction, beautiful head badge, quill stem, and minimal branding make this bike a shop favorite.

photo 2

There is a nice feature on the New Albion Homebrew on the Urban Velo website.  Check out the laudatory review here:

photo 3

photo 3 photo 1

Trek 500 Road Bike Resurrecto! @Pedal Revolution Refurbished Bike Update

July 15, 2014 by

Trek 500 Resurrecto!

trek3 trek2

This little beauty arrived at Pedal Revolution looking tired and beat up. See below:

photo 2 photo 1

Despite it’s seemingly retired status we could see potential in this great Reynolds tubed lugged steel frame. Our friends at Champion Powdercoating added a lovely orange sparkle paint job to perk things up a bit. A selection of new parts with a few choice vintage bits in the mix and the result is this dreamboat.

53cm – $850. SOLD!






New Albion Privateer Custom @Pedal Revolution

July 14, 2014 by

Pedal Revolution built up this customized New Albion Privateer into a very special touring bike that is responsible for the safe transport of not one, but two riders. Our customer wanted a bike that she could use for daily riding and long distance touring that would be able to transport her dog Frances. After getting feedback on what she wanted the bike to do and some of the particulars like custom paint, we made some recommendations on rack set-ups and component choices. The Privateer frame was a logical choice for its comfortable road geometry and clearance for wide tires/fenders and rack mounts. She wanted the bike to handle like a road bike but accommodate a more upright position and be suitable for bike camping and touring. Lastly, we needed to find a way to carry Frances and her doggy carrier on the front of the bike. Attempts were made with Frances on a rear rack but being a dog, she yearned to feel the wind in her whiskers and see the road ahead.


We began the build with a hand built wheel set comprised of Shimano 105 36 hole hubs laced to Soma Weymouth rims. The drivetrain is a mix of Shimano road and mountain parts to benefit the bike touring miles and climbs to come. Shimano 105 integrated shifters for confident braking and shifting. A Soma Highway One bar, Brooks B17 saddle, and Panaracer Pasela tires round out the build for reliability and comfort on those long days on the road.


Below is an image of the stock Privateer frame before the custom powder coat we did:


Grass Green with sparkle coating!



A Soma Porteur rack was added for the dog carrier which fit on it perfectly.




Frances the dog and her owner are currently traversing the wilds of eastern Oregon on an extended tour.


Dirt roads or asphalt, the Privateer with 32m Pasela tires has no fear.


Thumbs up from Frances!


American made vintage GT BMX bike @Pedal Revolution Refurbished Bike Update

July 10, 2014 by

This a great example of a nicely built classic BMX bike from the end of the era when GT was still manufacturing their bikes in the US.

Anybody recognize the model/year?

$300 – 20″ wheel – medium sized.

photo 3 photo 2 photo 1


photo 5 photo 4


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