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Giants Win!! Celebrate with the 2014 Surly Cross Check World Series Version!!!@ Pedal Revolution

October 30, 2014

Nice work San Francisco Giants!!

Great timing for the arrival of the 2015 Surly Cross Check in a new color scheme. Surly calls it “Dream Tangerine” but here at Pedal Rev we just refer to it as the “Giants Model”.

surly2015 6

Surly has improved upon the awesome Cross Check for 2015. by adding V Brakes, Outboard bearing bottom bracket/crank, 10 Speed cassette!!, and the excellent Surly 700 x 41 Knard tire. Despite it’s huge appearance, the Knard has low center knobs and rolls much better on pavement than you’d expect and it absolutes shines on dirt or fire roads. The Cross Check has been a favorite bike of Pedal Revolution for the better part of a decade and this new version makes it even better.

surly20158 surly20154 surly20153

Giants Win!! Celebrate with the 2014 Surly Cross Check World Series Version!!!@ Pedal Revolution

Custom Vintage Steel Trek, Deep Blue-Pedal Revolution Refurbished Bike Update

October 25, 2014


Well, this bike isn’t quite what you’d call a baby blue, but it still brings to mind the excellent song by Badfinger.  Of course, the four English lads were at the peak of their recording efforts a good decade or so before this fine bicycle frame was made, by Trek, here in the United States of America.  The connection may be fleeting, and based solely in color and not in time and space, but still it had to be made….


Whatever you’d like to call the color, it sure is a beauty.  I believe it is a Trek 510 frame, made with the Reynolds 501 tubing, and is definitely from the early-to-mid 80’s.  There are some cool information on some of these vintage Treks available here.  A nice dose of old-school descriptive advertising for you.


In some of the pictures here you’ll see the unique textured effect, nicely done by the folks down at Champion Powder Coating.  When it came back to us, we decided to modernize the whole setup by outfitting it with 10-speed Shimano Ultegra-level shifters, an 11/30 10-speed cassette, a compact double crankset with outboard bearings, and a Soma cockpit featuring the Sutro stem and the very comfortable and ergonomic Highway One handlebar.


Plenty of clearance for wider tires and even some fenders, if desired.


Nearly everything is new on this bike, and in frame build quality and component choice it compares very favorably to new machines such as the Surly Pacer, but has the clean lines of a classic rig. The seat tube measures 61cm and the top tube 58 cm (both center-to-center measurements), so if you’re in the 6’0″ to 6’3″ range and want a versatile road bike with a loads of  style and functionality, come check it out sometime.



Giant RS 930 Road Bike/City Conversion 55cm @Pedal Revolution Refurbished Bikes

October 24, 2014

This one just went on the sales floor today and will likely go quick. A lugged steel Giant RS930 (Road Sport 930?) frameset converted in Pedal Rev style to a comfy and practical city bike. Brand new Sun M13 wheelset, Panaracer Pasela tires, Wald tourist handlebar, Tange headset, Oury grips, Shimano brake pads, new chain and 5 speed freewheel. An excellent daily rider.

55cm Seat Tube x 55cm Top Tube. Great for a rider 5’6″ -5’9″.







Giant RS 930 Road Bike/City Conversion 55cm @Pedal Revolution Refurbished Bikes

Fall Bicycle Sale Continues at Pedal Revolution!!

October 18, 2014


Pedal Revolution Fall Bicycle Sale is still in swing this weekend! Visit the shop to check out the great prices on Surly, All City, New Albion, KHS, and Norco road and commuter bikes. There are excellent deals to be had on our 2014 bikes. We also have a pretty good selection of refurbished commuter bikes on the floor as well. Every bike purchase at Pedal Rev includes free maintenance and 10% of any parts or accessories purchased with the bike. All proceeds go to benefit our youth intern program.

Enjoy this lovely bike riding weather and come say hello!

Intern Graduation Day at Pedal Revolution!

October 15, 2014


Our super intern JR graduated from his 6 month internship at Pedal Revolution last week. We are so proud of him. JR is a talented young man with a great future ahead of him.

Congratulations JR!!

Linus Libertine @Pedal Revolution Fall Bike Sale!

October 14, 2014


A couple more great options on sale at Pedal Revolution’s Fall Bike Sale.

The Linus Libertine is Linus’s take on a classically styled road bike. In true Linus character they’ve done a great job with beautiful paint,  matching fenders, quill stem, chrome bits, etc. The libertine is reminiscent of steel framed road bikes from a previous era. The two models pictured below have been modified by Pedal Rev to a more city-friendly riding appeal. With upright bars these bikes take on a timeless city bike style that provides utility and rider comfort.

On sale right now for $875 and $885 (thumbshifters vs downtube shifters) from original price of $939.

55cm, 59cm, 62cm  available.


lib6 lib5




lib4 lib 3 lib 2

Motobecane Jubilee Trail Hybrid @ Pedal Revolution Refurbished Bike Update

October 11, 2014


Motobecane Jubilee Trail Hybrid–comfortable and affordable transportation for someone around 5′ 0″ to 5′ 5″


Rocky Mountain Whistler Dirt Drop Rig @ Pedal Revolution Refurbished Bike Update

October 11, 2014


Ever find yourself looking across the Golden Gate Bridge, admiring the rough, hulking landscape of the Marin headlands? We all have at some point, and it’s a great blessing that such rugged and untamed terrain exists so close to this sprawling metropolis.

It sure is nice to get out and explore it sometimes, and right now at Pedal Revolution we have a bike that’s pretty ideal for it, among other things. The bike is a Rocky Mountain Whistler 29er, built with good quality, lightweight True Temper steel tubes. We’ve rebuilt it with what they call “Dirt Drop” bars—drop bars with a 30 degree outward flare. This allows you to have more control in rougher terrain, because your wrists and hands are more parallel to the ground and spaced wider apart than traditional drop bars. Sure, they might look a little strange, but if you enjoy riding some mixed terrain they might be just what you need.




The bike features new Shimano Ultegra 8 speed bar-end shifters, new drivetrain components, and strong set of wheels shod with the excellent Schwalbe Fat Frank tires. The tire width is 2.0″, and they roll surprisingly fast on pavement yet have great bump-absorption characteristics for potholes and rougher terrain. The bike has plenty of braze-ons to accommodate most any rack systemyou’ll find. The 17″ frame is a good fit for someone in the 5’5″ to 5’9″ neighborhood. Come check it out today!




All City Spacehorse Road Bikes on Sale @Pedal Revolution Fall Bicycle Sale!!

October 8, 2014


“One bike to do it all” is a phrase that is utilized frequently at Pedal Revolution when we discuss bicycle options with out customers. We love utility and functionality in bicycles. Aesthetic concerns are valued as well and occasionally a bicycle shows up on the market that just nails it. Enter the All-City Spacehorse. This bike defines the “One bike to do it all” ideal as a well thought out blend of road, touring, off-road, commuting wonder-bike.

Many of the bikes we sell at Pedal Revolution share characteristics of the Spacehorse; steel frame for durability, long life, and comfort, balanced geometry for road/off-road riding, load handling capabilities for weekend bike tours or weekly farmers market pick ups. The Spacehorse combines these characteristics with excellent design, beautiful paint, and attention to detail throughout.

Our remaining 2014 All-City Spacehorse models are on sale during our Fall Bicycle sale this month at Pedal Rev.

Sale price is $1,399 vs. $1,500 while they last!!

allcityspacehorse-5 space_horse_3




Below is the Spacehorse description from the All-City site:

“The Space Horse is the most versatile model in the line. It was designed to accommodate front and rear racks and fenders. It can be built geared or single and has clearance for large 42c tires.

The geometry of the frameset is a mix of traditional road and randonneur geos with a relatively short rear end and a bottom bracket that’s lower than a road bike. This gives the bike agile handling and increased stability when loaded. The lower BB also helps you descend gravel roads like a champ.

Its load capacity is 30lbs in the rear and 20lbs in the front. These numbers allowed us to choose tubing that is stiff enough to handle a multi-week excursion, yet still rides beautifully and comfortably for unloaded road and gravel adventures.

One of the coolest aspects of the Space Horse project was getting the opportunity to improve upon existing semi-horizontal dropouts (the traditional dropout for a bike of this style). While traditional semi-horizontals are excellent in their versatility, we felt their user experience and safety could be greatly improved. The small tab on the front of the dropout in combination with the adjustment screw means that the wheel is fixed in place like a vertical dropout system. You’ll never have to wonder where to get the best shifting. Simply place the wheel fully forward in the dropout and you’re done. 

Its 612 Select frame features our custom head badge, brazed-on signature seat collar, signature semi-horizontal dropouts and custom bottom bracket. There are double eyelets on the dropout, mid-blade mounts on the fork and reinforcements on the bottle bosses. We’ve also included a pump peg and internal top tube cable routing. Finish it off with an E.D. coating for rust prevention and our beautiful wet paint.”

And a review from Bicycle Times:


Fuji Suncrest 20″ City Bike @ Pedal Revolution Refurbished Bike Update

October 7, 2014


Once again, we are proud to present to you, the bicycle public, a sublime but unpretentious example of an excellent everyday bicycle for the sensible cyclist.  This one hits many of the common bullet points of the classic Pedal Revolution refurbs.  For speed and clarity allow me to delineate here:

  • Steel frame and fork for (IMOHO) good looks and longevity (fully objective opinion) with mounts for racks and fenders
  • New 26″ wheels with smooth, durable, high volume tires for city riding
  • Upright (aka comfortable) riding position via Velo Orange Milan swept back handlebar
  • Cork(ish/y) handlebar grips (a true staff favorite)

How about a closer look (and extended tangent about the complexities of bike measurement/sizing):

Good Looks Can Be Understated

Good Looks Can Be Understated

Although this bike would most commonly be measured as a 20″ frame, which seems quite large, it is a very deceptive size description.  This number is the length of the seat-tube  from the center of the cranks to the top of the seat-tube (where the seat post begins to reveal itself).  For reason’s unknown to me (Joel), this is the traditional way mountain bikes have been sized. Unfortunately, this is a poor indicator of how large or small a bike actually feels.  WHAT REALLY MAKES A BIKE FEEL LARGE OR SMALL IS THE DISTANCE FROM WHERE THE RIDER IS SITTING TO WHERE ONE IS HOLDING ONTO THE BIKE.  Therefore, this frame’s true size is best suggested along a horizontal line from the seat tube juncture (where the seat tube, top tube, and seat stay tubes all meet-up and party together) to the center of the head tube (the tube the fork goes through) at the front end of the bike.  This is how road racing bikes have traditionally been measured.  Since almost all road (racing and touring) type bikes from up until the 1990’s had horizontal top tubes this measurement is essentially the length of the top tube and would be (being European) expressed in centimeters.

Further, confounding things, as one can see from the above photos, this bike’s top tube slopes downward from rear to front. Measuring along a horizontal axis from seat stay junction to headset, the frame size should be more accurately be described as akin to a 52cm/53cm road bike. However, this is not a fully fair, since the bike’s high and rearward sweeping handlebar makes the bike FEEL even smaller.

Just enough silver/grey/gold contrast to not be totally goth

Just Enough Silver/Grey/Gold Contrast To Not Be Totally Goth

Anyhow, this bike would probably fit someone from about 5’3″ – 5’6″ well.  On Sale for $400!!!











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