Pedal Revolution Used Bike Update: Schwinn Sierra Drop Bar Mountain Tour Bike

Pedal Revolution Used Bike Update: Schwinn Sierra Drop Bar Mountain Tour Bike


It’s truly astounding the number of 80’s and 90’s vintage mountain bikes Pedal Revolution receives in donation (thank you generous benefactors). They are testament both to the number of these bikes sold during the original mountain bike boom and the quality of construction of these frames (FYI: their iron like strength, resilience, and durability is largely due to them being actually made of steel!).


By the standards of today, bikes like this Schwinn Sierra are terrible bikes for serious single-track mountain biking (ps. the flip side is also true that the super fun trail riding bikes of today are the absolute worst transportation bikes due to technological suspension overkill and lack of utilitarian features).  However, with some parts changes and updates these original off road specialty machines can be transformed into excellent city and transportation steeds.

The rear mounts for both fenders and rack are not something you will find on a 21st Century MTB

Just to mix things up from the rote Pedal Revolution older mountain bike becomes city bike genesis (street slicks replace knobby tires, new drive train parts, etc), a drop bar was added to this bike to give it some long ride and bike tour potential.

fall color

The orange bar wrap gives the bike some seasonal fall flair.  Front and rear fork eyelets add more easy fender and rack options.


Suntour Bar end shifters are just fantastic.  They were on some very cheap back in the day bikes (the Schwinn Sierra was not originally cheap or equipped with these).  Every micro friction shift with these units is an utter delight.  They are what I (Joel) use on my own touring bike!


This is a great all-purpose bike for someone about 6′ tall.  The large tires and strong frame with plenty of accessory mounts make a great bike for carrying large loads on bike trips around the city or across the country!


Schwinn Sierra 23″ : $550



“Agent Orange” 55cm Custom Single Speed @ Pedal Revolution Refurbished Bicycle Update

This isn’t a color that can be ignored, folks.  When you roll up to the club (or more likely, the cafe) on this steed, all eyes will turn to you and people will ask, “How can that orange look so orange? It’s crazy!!”


Even if the bike doesn’t make you 100% more popular about town, you’ll be the first to know that you’ve got a pretty sweet ride. Campagnolo Record hubs with freshly overhauled bearings are laced to Mavic MA40 rims.  The hubs are in excellent cosmetic and mechanical shape and seem to spin forever.  Definitely couldn’t get much better for a classic single speed wheelset.


Other high quality components include a White Industries freewheel manufactured just up the road in Petaluma.  High-quality bearings, excellent quality of manufacture, and near-instant engagement–it’s all there.  The crankset is a Sugino 75, with new MKS track pedals.  Up front we have a Velo Orange Stem and Nitto handlebars; the brake levers are new IRD Drillium (good ergonomics with the Nitto bar).  Rounding it all out is a Brooks Swallow saddle.


The manufacture of the frame is unknown but it’s definitely Chromoly steel of some kind.  It’s mass produced but not cheaply made–you can tell this by the quality of the dropouts and fork.  If you’re interested in a high quality, unique single speed, come check it out today! Good for a rider around 5’8″ to 5’11”


“Purple Panic” 17″ Specialized RockHopper Custom Refurbished Bicycle @Pedal Revolution Used Bike Update

Specialized RockHopper “Purple Panic” Custom rebuilt used bicycle fitted out for daily use. All new components adorn this gem of a 17″ frameset. 1×7 drivetrain, quick and durable Pasela Panaracer tires, Soma Sutro stem and Ahearne bar, psychedelic pedals, etc. So much goodness in this little bike. Perfect size for someone 5’5″ -5’9″.



hop4 hop3 hop2

Pedal Revolution Seeking Experienced Bicycle Mechanic for Full-Time or Part-Time work

Partial Staff photo at a Pedal Rev Intern graduation celebration

Partial Staff photo at a Pedal Rev Intern graduation celebration

This Mechanic position requires a minimum of 2+ year experience in a professional bicycle service department, with excellent diagnostic and productive mechanical skills. Strong sales and customer service orientation is a must as well as the ability to work in a busy, fast-paced environment. Mechanic must be proficient in fixing new as well older and vintage bicycles quickly, competently, and creatively service and resale.


-Time-efficient and professional bicycle repairs, new and used bicycle assemblies, bicycle and accessory sales, and service writing.

-Ability to work on all levels of bikes to a high standard.

-Quickly diagnose, estimate, repair, and troubleshoot in a fast paced shop environment.

-Utilize a POS system for all sales and service transactions and service writing.

-Database management for parts inventory, service history, orders.

-Assist management in ordering tools, accessories, parts.

-Weekend work shifts are required.

-Support management, service, and sales staff.

-Strong and motivated sales ability with regard to new bikes, refurbished bikes, and bicycle accessories.


-Minimum of 2 years’ experience as a mechanic and salesperson in a professional bicycle shop.

-Bike sales, accessories sales, and basic bike fitting experience

-Computer/internet literacy.

-Highly organized with attention to detail and clean work habits.

-Experience working in a group. Strong written and communication skills, ability to multi-task, display positive and courteous communication habits.

-Proficient computer skills with regard to inventory and service order issues.

-An enthusiastic, positive attitude and maintains patience under pressure at all times.

-Knowledge of current and past bicycle trends.

-Suspension and Hydraulic diagnostics and repair is a plus.

-Experience working with youth is a plus.

Description of Organization:

Pedal Revolution is a non-profit community-focused bicycle shop in the Mission District of San Francisco. The shop is a social enterprise that seeks to transform the lives of at-risk youth by providing work experience to young people who are taking a step to improve their lives through our internship training program.

We are a fun, welcoming, and very diverse group of bike folks an one very sweet shop dog who are excited to meet you!

Please email your resume and let us know why you’d be a good fit for our unique shop.

Do not contact store in person or by phone about job posting.

Compensation: based on experience. Full-Time employees received full benefits: Health,vision,dental, and paid vacation time.

More Pedal Staff at an intern graduation.

More Pedal Staff at an intern graduation.

Pedal Revolution Intern graduate with the "earn-a-bike" he built for himself!

Pedal Revolution Intern graduate with refurbished custom used bike he helped build.


Baby Blue 62cm Trek 1420 Road Bike @ Pedal Revolution Refurbished Bicycle Update

One of the great things about working on older bikes is the their ability to make one consider their origins.  I guess this applies to most any item that’s been manufactured or made; every physical object possesses some sort of a history, however trivial and mundane it may be.


In this case, we’re looking at a Trek 1420 road bike, frame manufactured in Waterloo, WI, within about a year of Mikhail Gorbachev’s announcement that the U.S.S.R. had dissolved.  This is a well-made aluminum frame, featuring mid-sized diameter tubes that are plenty strong but not so huge that they result in a overly harsh, stiff ride.  Adequate clearance for the Soma Terracotta 700 x 28 tires is a nice feature, and the (relatively) wider tire does a good job of soaking up some of the harshness of this city’s rough streets.



The bike is indeed very light, and built up as you see in these pictures the bike  weighs just over 23 pounds.  Highlights of the build include the Soma Sutro/Highway One bar combo, IRD Drillium brake levers, and indexed bar-end shifters.  These shifters were originally on the downtube, but with the addition of shift pods I (Todd) mounted them on the bar end.  Ergonomics are actually quite good with them there.


The bike’s got a triple crankset for a good low gear, new WTB saddle, and some nice MKS touring pedals.  Come check it out today–good for a rider about 6′ to 6’4″, depending upon his or her particular proportions.


Custom Powdercoated Fuji Mixte 1×7 @Pedal Revolution Refurbished Bikes Update

This gem was completed and put on the floor last week at Pedal Revolution. A classic lugged steel Fuji mixte with a new powdercoat and all new parts. We built it up as a 1×7 for a perfect amount of gears for everyday use. Panaracer Pasela tires, Soma bars and stem, shellac’d cork grips and a Brooks saddle complete the picture.


$825. SOLD.


ormixte5 ormixte4 ormixte3


Specialized Sirrus Hybrid Commuter 13″ @Pedal Revolution Refurbished Bike Update

A superb condition Specialized Sirrus in sexy matte black on the floor in the heavily visited Pedal Revolution refurbished bike department. This little number is a 13″ and sized for a human of smaller stature…around  4’7″ – 5’2″.

$500. SOLD.


sirrus2 sirrus3 sirrus4