More basket photos..

If you’ve scanned this blog before, you may have noticed that i am a devout fan of baskets on bicycles.  In fact, I think everyone at Pedal Rev has a bike with a basket on it.  I will be posting photos of loaded baskets periodically, mostly because they make me happy, but also to show how utilitarian they are.  The above photo is of a friend of ours who visited the shop last week on the way home to feed her cat and herself.  Below is our friend Dennis who stopped by on the way to the post office with few items to ship.  Who needs a car?

If you happen to be riding in the vicinity and have some creative basket action going on, stop by for a visit and we’ll make you internet famous.


2 thoughts on “More basket photos..

  1. I am a huge fan of baskets but I can never find one that can fit drop handlebars! Where did the one in the image come from?

  2. Joannie,

    That is a Wald shallow adjustable basket. We have them at the shop. They don’t fit drop bars too well unless they are exceptionally wide. This set up is actually a pursuit bar and it’s a pretty tight fit.

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