Intern graduation day!

   In addition to being a friendly neighborhood Mission bicycle shop, Pedal Revolution also happens to be a non-profit with a social mission.  We employ at-risk youth from all parts of the city in a six month internship program.  The internship is a paying job where we teach bicycle repair skills, retail experience and fundamental job responsibilities to San Francisco youth.  Last week we celebrated our intern Joseph’s graduation with a little party.  Generally, we like to put the graduating intern on the spot and give their co-workers a chance to say a few words of encouragement and share a story or two.

   Joseph is the guy in the photo wearing the black t-shirt.  If it isn’t obvious from the picture, he was a little embarrassed from all the attention.  Joseph has done an excellent job and we are very proud of him. I’m excited to report that he will be staying on for the rest of the summer at Pedal to assist the staff in training the newer interns and continuing to strengthen his skills as a mechanic and a salesperson.

Great job Joseph!   Congratulations! 


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