Need one bike to do-it-all?

  Surly is known for producing some great quality, super versatile bicycles.  If a multi-purpose bike sounds like a dream come true to you, check out the Long Haul Trucker and the Crosscheck..

The Long Haul Trucker is built just as it’s namesake implies.  The LHT is first and foremost a touring bike that can take you across town, across the bridge,  or across the country.  It’s overbuilt with workhorse components that will put up with plenty of hard use.  It has relaxed geometry for a comfortable, stable ride and is set up to accomodate front and rear racks and panniers.  It is also an excellent all season commuter, grocery getter, stuff hauler.  Lock up your bike right in front of the market on a busy Saturday, throw your saddlebags in the cart, fill them up and roll out with your weeks groceries on your bike.  Be sure to wave and smile at the jealous people in their cars waiting to park.

Surly Long Haul Trucker 42cm-62cm $995

  With gas prices rocketing skyward summer road trips are looking grim.  The LHT is an economical alternative where you can get your travel bug fixed and some exercise as well.  Load it up with your camping gear and some snacks and hit the road.  There are plenty of overnight destinations right across the bridge to escape to for a little bike/camp mini-adventure.

Surly Crosscheck 42cm-62cm $945

Another versatile do-all bike that we love is the Surly Crosscheck.  Like the LHT, this is also a rugged steel framed wonder bike that can be a cyclocross racer, a fantastic commuter, a road bike, and even suitable for a lighter touring bike.  With a more agressive geometry than the LHT the Crosscheck has snappier handling and more of a road bike feel to it.  This bike excels at mixed-use rides.  For example: Hop on your Crosscheck and ride across the GG bridge.  Hang a left under the freeway and head into the lovely oasis of the Marin Headlands.  Cruise down the road until you spy the Miwok trail winding up into the hills.  Hop on this fire road (dirt) and go for a scenic semi-mountain bike ride loop.  Stop for a mini-picnic on the grassy hill of your choice overlooking the ocean.  Head back to the road and roll on home.  Instant adventure all in one day. 

One reason many folks have continued to call this increasingly expensive city home is the quick access we have to the outdoors.  A car isn’t necessary for a weekend escape.  A little motivation and a sense of adventure is all that’s required….and a bicycle (naturally).


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