Recently rebuilt used…..on sale now.

Steel Dynasty Mixte frame completely rebuilt with nice parts including a moustache bar and sprung Brooks saddle.  ($600). SOLD.


Zeus Reynolds steel frame mostly rebuilt with new parts aside from a few unique original bits like the TA crankset, micro Zeus shifters, and Campy seatpost. (58cm, $620). SOLD!



Dolan Track Frames in stock!!

We just Received a shipment of Dolan Track frames.  These are really nice quality aluminum frames complete with carbon fork(drilled or undrilled), integrated headset, seatpost and collar.  Dolan is an English brand that has been poplular on the track racing circuit for awhile now.  Come in and check them out as they will likely sell out pretty quick.  Price is $400 for the frame w/drilled carbon road fork, integrated headset, seatpost and collar or $450 for the above but with the undrilled carbon track fork.

Pedal Rev Made “Best of the Bay”…

We were included in the Best of the Bay issue of the Bay Guardian this year in an article entitled “Best Revolution on Wheels”.  Our mechanic Clancy even got his mug in the paper.  We rolled over to the awards party to check out the show and pick up our award.  Ken, who is out with an injury even put on a sweater and showed up for the event.

Pedal Rev bike tree

Pedal Rev bike tree

 This guy was really happy about getting his picture in the paper or something…

Playing catch up…

I’ve been slacking on my blog updates.   In my defense, the shop has been very busy and we are down a couple of mechanics (due to injury).  Word to the wise…proceed with caution when descending a steep, winding high speed mountain road in foggy, wet conditions.  Our co-worker Ken learned the hard way and received a broken collarbone and thumb after an unexpected date with a guardrail coming down the back side of Conzelman.   The guardrail did keep him from a potential 30 foot swan dive off the cliff.  Heal quick Ken.

  Aside from working hard and injuring ourselves we’ve managed to have a little fun as well.  Our annual summer Intern/Staff bike ride went down with great success.  We did a nice loop through the park and ended up at the beach where we broke out some frisbees and kites.  Some of our interns hadn’t ever crossed the city on a bicycle and the majority of them had no idea that Golden Gate Park came complete with a herd of buffalo.  Fun was had, bikes were ridden… all in all a great day for our crew.  If you find yourself on a ride out in the vicinity of the beach and feel the need for a caffeine jolt stop by Trouble Coffee and visit our pal Guilietta for an excellent cup of joe, a coconut or some delicious toast.  Here are a few pics from the ride: