Playing catch up…

I’ve been slacking on my blog updates.   In my defense, the shop has been very busy and we are down a couple of mechanics (due to injury).  Word to the wise…proceed with caution when descending a steep, winding high speed mountain road in foggy, wet conditions.  Our co-worker Ken learned the hard way and received a broken collarbone and thumb after an unexpected date with a guardrail coming down the back side of Conzelman.   The guardrail did keep him from a potential 30 foot swan dive off the cliff.  Heal quick Ken.

  Aside from working hard and injuring ourselves we’ve managed to have a little fun as well.  Our annual summer Intern/Staff bike ride went down with great success.  We did a nice loop through the park and ended up at the beach where we broke out some frisbees and kites.  Some of our interns hadn’t ever crossed the city on a bicycle and the majority of them had no idea that Golden Gate Park came complete with a herd of buffalo.  Fun was had, bikes were ridden… all in all a great day for our crew.  If you find yourself on a ride out in the vicinity of the beach and feel the need for a caffeine jolt stop by Trouble Coffee and visit our pal Guilietta for an excellent cup of joe, a coconut or some delicious toast.  Here are a few pics from the ride:


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