New fixed and Singlespeed builds.

EAI Bareknuckle Singlespeed custom build. 54cm $1400.  Nice black and white color scheme.

Updated new Kazane build from a few posts ago.  Swapped to a matching pink riser bar.  52cm $1450.  Handbuilt candy  colored spoke nipples courtesy of wheelbuilder Uri.  So purty.

IRO Custom Build. 56cm $1000.


Salsa Casseroll…New builds

Salsa Casseroll Custom Build. 54cm $1,575.  Handbuilt wheelset, Nitto Moustache bar, nice parts.

The Salsa Casseroll is another offering of a do-all Road, tour, commute, single, fixed bike option.  Versatility is key with this frame. Compare it to more affordable Rivendell or a higher-end Surly.   Here is a description from Salsa’s website on the Casseroll…..

“The frameset is crafted of double-butted Salsa Classico CroMoly tubing for both frame and fork. The steel tubing provides a wonderful balance between comfort and efficiency. Ask around and you won’t find many folks that don’t enjoy the feel of a steel bicycle.

We’ve designed the Casseroll to use long-reach brakes so it accepts very large road tires, up to 700c x 32mm with fenders, and 700c x 37mm without. Large tires add a heap of comfort on rough roads and paths.

Our partially polished, stainless steel, forward-entry horizontal dropouts let you switch up your bike as you like. Run fully geared, singlespeed, or fixed if you like. Finishing touches include fender and rear rack mount braze-ons, and a pump peg.”

   Pedal Rev is a fan of these multi-use bike options.  Many cyclists need one bicycle that will serve a variety of needs and riding styles.  This is a consideration for us in choosing which bikes we want to sell.  The Salsa Casseroll can be sold as a frameset or a complete bike built to your specifications.  Here are a couple examples of two different builds that we have in the shop currently.  Stop by to take a look at these or if you have a dream-build up in mind we will be happy to discuss options and pricing with you.

Salsa Casseroll #2.  Custom Build.  56cm $1,800.  Handbuilt wheels. Chris King headset. Shimano 105 Parts Kit. Nitto bar/stem. San Marco Rolls Saddle.

Cetma Racks in stock now!

Cetma racks are heavy duty front cargo racks built by our friend Lane up in Oregon.  He started out in SF years ago welding up racks for messenger friends and now is selling his racks all over the country.  he is still a mostly one-man operation so quality control is very high.  Pedal has 3-rail, 5-rail, and 5-rail with fencing models available now.  Demand is high for these and they will go very quick. 

If you need convincing that carrying cargo on a front rack is the way to go check out this link –   Historically, French porteur delivery bicycles have carried loads on a front rack, as well as many early US bicycle messengers. 

New Kazane Track Frames Just Arrived!

Finally got a batch of new lugged steel Kazane track frames in.  New colors include Pink, White, Dark Green, Deep red, and Deep blue.  The colors really shine under light with the metallic flake in the paint.  Four have already sold so come and check them out as they’re going fast.  We are selling them for $650 -frame & fork (fully chased and prepped with framesaver).

The above Kazane is our Ops Mgr. Uri’s bike that he just built up with some red bits.  He’s is quite pleased with it to say the least.