Productive intern Wednesday.

Wednesday the rain was coming down so we decided to do a little re-organizing around the shop.  Our interns were busy practicing their mechanical skills.


Here is Kerri about to remove a crankset to replace the bottom bracket.


And here is Johan practicing his wheel truing skills.


Graduated intern Joshua stopped by to attempt his first wheelbuild.  Here he is lacing his spokes.  He rode home on his successfully completed wheel later that day!


Kerri and Ken building our new (to us) 3 story bike rack donated from the nice guys at Citizen Chain Bike Shop.  It you are out in North Beach or Fisherman’s Wharf area and need bike help or want to check out a cool shop stop by for a visit


Here is what the rack looks like completed.


We re-organized our storage garbage area to become a new indoor bike parking/tire inflating area.  Extra nice during the rainy days we are having.  Right now we have room for three or so bikes but we are working on getting another small rack for a few more.


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