Coming Soon….Soma Saga.

Local bike brand Soma is debuting their new touring frame and has asked Pedal Rev to build one up to display the versatility of the bike design.  We are building this one into a rugged do-all adventure tourer/uber-commuter bike with nice parts from Soma, Nitto, Brooks, Rivendell, Continental and more.

This is a prototype frame so the final product may differ slightly.

here are a few sneek peeks:


The Saga has a nice tall re-inforced headtube for higher bar positioning without needing to use a stack of spacers.


Here is the fork with braze-ons for a front rack and fenders.


Nice new shiny Suzue High Flange Road hubs laced to Mavic 517’s for a light but strong touring worthy wheelset.


All the good stuff ready to be installed.



so far…..

Check back for the completed bike pics and staff reviews!


City approves the “Big 45”!!


Last Friday the Municipal Transportation Agency gave the go-ahead to the 2009 SF Bicycle Plan which gave legislative approval to 45 Bike Network improvement projects the the SFBC has had in the works for San Francisco.

This is fantastic news for SF cyclists!

Here is a link to the SFBC site outlining the new bike lanes and improvements that will be implemented.

Congratulations and a huge thank you to the SFBC for their  hard work and persistence in seeing this through and to the cyclists of SF that came out and showed their support.

Bikes Bikes Bikes!!

Pedal Staff and Interns have been busy building up new “recession buster” bikes for summer.  Here are some pics of the crew and some bikes that are currently for sale…


Mechanic Dave finishes up a repair.


A Couple of interns working on bike builds under the watchful eye of Operations Manager Uri.


This  funny fellow is just about to graduate from a very successful Pedal  Rev internship.  Great job!

Just in!  New singlespeed/fixed option from KHS for $350!!! Full size run in now 15″ -23″.  Steel frame, double-walled rims, three-piece crank.  Great price for a sturdy town bike, commuter, or first fixie/singlespeed.  These will go fast…


Another affordable option is the Origin 8 Cykel.  3 speed Internal hub.  Great priced city/commuter bike $375.


Pedal Rev has Urban X’s in stock again.  These are part of the popular Urban series of bikes from KHS.  The Urban X is the little brother or our Urban Xpress hybrid bike at a little lower price point.  Aluminum frame w/steel fork- complete with fenders, a rear cargo rack, and a kickstand installed for $420. Here is another photo…



We have a few recently refurbished used bikes to add…

This one is a practically new Japanese made Bridgestone 600 rebuilt into a beautiful sport road/randonneur style bike keeping with a very classic look. 57cm _ $900.



Below is a Trek Madone 5.2 –  60cm _ $1650.  Full Carbon with Ultegra kit.  Stiff, lightweight race bike. These retail for about $4000 new.




Next is a Cannondale “Bad Boy” burly city commuter.  18″ _ $500.


Here is a rebuilt Bianchi Brava converted into a great little lightweight city/hybrid/flat-bar road bike. 52cm_$495. SOLD.


Lastly, we have a sweet little Sekai 2000 lugged steel mini road cruiser.  Completely rebuilt 1×6 geared 49cm of goodness – $475.

Sekai 2000