Used bikes added this week.


Puch lugged steel 61cm.  Complete rebuild w/ integrated shifters $799.


Holy 1992!!  Rebuilt Haro EXTREME! mtn bike goodness.  This thing is a little crazy looking by today’s mtn bike standards but it was a popular frame design utilized by a few different bike companies, the Nishiki Alien being the most popular.  Despite it’s unusual looks it’s been rebuilt and rides great.  It would still be a fun trail bike but with the city slick tires on it would be a super tough city rider (just add a basket!).  If you’ve ever fantasized about doing wheelies for blocks at a time, this bike was made for it.  Goes great with the neon Rayban’s you bought on Ebay last week.  So fun!  19.5″  $345.


Speckled paint and oh so extreme…..


Lil’ Schwinn Traveller rebuilt into a lovely little road bike.  This one is in the oh-so-rare 48cm size.  We don’t have many smaller used road bikes often so this will likely go fast – $475. SOLD.


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