Leadville Trail 100 Documentary Oct. 22nd


“On October 22, the documentary Race Across the Sky – Leadville Trail 100 and live panel discussion featuring Lance Armstrong, Dave Wiens and other great professional and amateur cyclists are coming to over 450 movie theaters nationwide. For only one night, people from across the country will gather together to hear from Lance Armstrong, Chris Carmichael, Dave Wiens, Travis Brown and others as they discuss the triumphs, difficulties, and experiences that make the Leadville Trail 100 the most extreme one day mountain biking race out there.”

For details and locations please go to http://www.FathomEvents.com/RaceAcrosstheSky

Whether or not you’re a Lance A. fan or a mountain biker this should be really good.  Leadville is a brutal single day 100 mile mtn bike race at high altitude.  I rode parts of the course years ago and cannot imagine riding the entire thing in a race, let alone in a single day.



Niew bikes/used bikes

Some bikes on the floor currently:

Red Trek

Rebuilt Maroon lugged Trek 600 – 60cm w/ a 58cm top tube. $600.


Lil’ rebuilt Halloweenish Puch.   46cm w/ 54cm top tube.   It would favor a smaller person with a longer torso fit-wise.  $499.


KHS Flite 220’s are back in stock! These are the 2010 models.  Still a fantastic value in a tough steel frame road bike – $535.  These come with integrated shifters and will accept wider tires, fenders, and racks.  Above is the “ladies” model in lighter blue and below is the unisex in darker blue.  We have a full size run in stock from 47cm – 60cm.


Also in stock is the KHS Flite 250.  This is a similar bike the 220 with the addtion of a carbon fork and a flat bar.  Excellent choice for cyclists looking for a fast and light commuter but prefer the positioning of a flat handlebar versus a drop bar. Size run from 47cm – 60cm $550.


Pedal has a few front wheel Velocity deep V’s built around a formula hub in the smaller 650 size.  Perfect for those fixed riders looking for a smaller front wheel set-up – $120 each.

650 velocity

Pedal Revolution Survey

Pedal Revolution is conducting a survey and we would like to hear from our customers.  We value your suggestions and hope you’ll take a few minutes to fill one out.  Follow this link  to the survey or click on the image below to access it.  Pedal will be raffling off four of our signature hoodies as prizes to participants.  Thanks for your feedback!

Pedal Survey 2009

The survey was created with generous donated help from Louda and Marcine at Dynamedia Marketing.

New New!

A friend stopped by to show off the new Gamoh basket he picked from us after he installed it on his bike.  It came out really nice with his new handlebar set-up. Here are a few photos of his bar/basket combo:


The basket is japanese made with thick tubing, wood slats, a secret bottle opener and very clean design.  It’s  set up for very easy install on 700-c wheeled frames.


This will carry a case of your fave beverages, your groceries, or your favorite poodle comfortably.


It weighs 5lbs and will carry up to 40lbs.


Gamoh solo $130.

Pedal is excited to carry the Plemon’s leather double-toe straps.  These are handmade right in SF by Casey Plemons.  A nice option with a price point between the Popular Toshi straps and the Soma’s.  $60/set black or brown with more colors on the way!


New Chris King headsets.  All sizes and new colorways! Best price in town or online.


Also just in is the new Soma Junebug bar.  This is another variation of the old WTB Dirt Drops that Mark Slate designed back in the earlier days of mountain biking.  There are a few bars of this style on the market right now, the Junebug being the latest version with a bit shallower drop.  For those who enjoy a bit of extra real estate on their handlebars these would make a sweet addition to a cross bike, touring bike or mountain bike (Yep, some people still ride drops on their mountain bikes!).


Here are a couple top and side comparison shots to a standard road bar for reference:



In an offroad scenario they are intended to be ridden in the drops vs. the hoods for control, hence the more severe slope of the bar.   $60.

Last but not least, we finally have black Randonneurs back in stock!  White ones too! 28 bucks.


We were so impressed with our buddy’s bike/basket set-up we designed our latest custom build with a similar set-up.  This is a Handsome Devil frame built into a sweet everyday load carrying do-all ride. We sell the framesets for $399 w/fork.  This custom build is $1200 w/Gamoh basket- 55cm.