Recent batch of refurbished used bikes and holiday closure.

Pedal Revolution will be closed over Thanksgiving:  Thursday 11/24 and Friday 11/25.

Enjoy the holiday!

A few recent bikes that are for sale now…

Lil’ Terry Lugged re-furb in perfect condition. 46cm $599.

Ross mtn bike.  Nice lugged steel.  Good shape.  Bearings repacked, new wheels, tires, cables/housing, chain/freewheel.  Great sturdy commuter. 21″ $255. SOLD.

Trek 6700 Mtn bike.  Good shape, ready for road or trail. $275 – 17.5″. SOLD.

New custom built Fuji Connoisseur.  Reynolds lugged steel frame.  Very lightweight classic styled road bike 50cm $1049.

New Fuji Feather Fixed/SingleSpeed.  Great colors on these….this is the “pink” but it looks like more of a salmon color. Very nice.  $635 – various sizes and colors.

Here is another Feather in grey.   A recent customer purchased this one for a winter training bike and had us customize it:

New Brooks Alp de huez limited edition saddle – $120:

Alpe d’Huez is one of the main mountains in the Tour de France. It has been a stage finish almost every year since 1976. The first was in 1952, won by Fausto Coppi.


Saturday SF Bike Expo Cross race!!

Pedal is sponsoring the BikeMonkey/Murphy (aka Mr. Goldsprints!)  Monster cross race on Saturday at the SF Bike Expo.  It will be awesome.  Here is a link to some photos of the course being set up.  Come on down for all the bike fun.

If you aren’t familiar with Cyclocross racing here is a video link to get you up to speed….

Pure Sweet Hell Excellent Cyclocross film by Brian Vernor

Here is a snapshot back in time of  some hard folks in France around 1926 in a “typical” early century cross race…  More cowbell please!

and some more sweet trench action….

Come out.  See good bike stuff.  Be rowdy. Heckle. Have Fun.

Bikes, parts, and news…

I’ve been tardy on the blogging lately.  Things have slowed down a little over here but a rash of  injuries have plagued Pedal in the last month.  Good buddy and mechanic David is out with a broken shoulder from a crash above Pacifica on the old highway 1.  We wish him a speedy recovery for race season next year.  Mechanic “cat lady” Ken Ho sprained his wrist pretty good in a catastrophic knitting accident two days after David was injured.

There have been a lot of bike injuries lately around town and it seems like everyday a customer hobbles in with a crunched bike and a scary story to go with it.  It’s getting dark early now, please don’t forget your lights and helmets as it’s easy to get caught out after dark without lights right now.

Here are a couple of cool photos of two bike shops from around 1918.  Lot’s of Brooks saddles in the first shot.

I love the salesmen in suits in the second photo.  Notice the chandeliers are made from old rims and the vintage “cheesecake” calendar on the post below the clock.

The bike above is fortunately not the result of a real crash.  This bike was “customized” by us for a cameo appearance on the SF based Trauma tv show.  Yikes!  Keep an eye out if you watch the show for a “fixie” gone wrong scenario.

Here are a few fun new builds from the last couple weeks for sale:

This one is a Handsome Devil frameset built up as sweet Monster Cross bike with the new Soma Junebug drop bar and some nice chunky panaracer tires.

This will take on anything you throw at it.  Great fast trail bike, tourer, or all around stomper 54cm $1,100.  Pick it up just in time for this..

It will be awesome.

Volume Cutter built up with the goods 56cm $1000.  Get your trick on.

Soma Buena Vista built fully geared for a light, fast ride – 50cm $999.

Same frame in a 42cm built for a more comfort/commuter ride 1×7 drivetrain and fatter city friendly tires $999.

Other new bikes and parts in stock:

Breezer commuter bikes

New Breezer Citizen’s in great new colors.  These are really nice riding commuter bikes..internal hubs, great geometry and fit, with generator lights, fenders and rack complete.

Front generator light.


Nice internal routing for the lights.

Sloping top tube version.

Coming soon…

Lastly, we’ve gotten some fun new parts in recently….

B43 Track rims in stock in both 700c and 650.

Chukker rims too!  Pre-built rear $180.

Pasela touring tires now in grey! 25 & 28 widths.

Ahearne M.A.P. bar

lot’s of Brooks saddles in stock!

That’s all folks.  Hang tough like this dapper fellow.