Happy Holidays!

Pedal will be closed starting Thursday Dec. 24th through Friday January 1st for the holidays.

Thanks for a great year!  Happy 2010!


Thank you Japan.

Got some great 80’s Japanese bikes donated in the last few weeks.  All sturdy  lugged steel bikes going strong that we’ve rebuilt with contemporary new parts.  They will go fast.

Nishiki Mixte rebuilt into a lovely townie. 49cm-$550. SOLD.

Nice older Fuji totally rebuilt as a 1×6 purple sparkler. 56cm-$600. SOLD.

Miyata tourer rebuilt as an all arounder. 47cm (w/52 top tube) – $600.

Lightweight Miyata sport/tour rebuilt for the taller individual. 60cm – $475. SOLD.

Bikes built this week.

Soma Rebuilt Double Cross for sale.  This is a really good deal for this bike! Set up as a commuter/do-all with nice wide bars and bar end shifters- 54cm $795.

Below is another Fuji Connoisseur custom built with integrated shifters. This one is a 58cm  light and fast nice steel racer $1175.

Next is a Volume Cutter built up with nice shiny blue accents 50cm – $1075.

New in stock – Breezer’s geared folding bike the Zig 7.  Whether you love them or hate them, Folders are a sensible solution for commuters with limited bike storage space.  Fold it up and put it under your desk at work (no locking it up on the street hassles!).  They fit in  small apartments, can be transported  easily, help to get around BART’s “no-bicycle” hours etc.  The Breezer model rides very stable and solid for a folding bike $495.

Here is a nice rebuilt Trek MultiTrack.  Some nice original Suntour parts.  Great shape 55cm – $550.