Next Pedal Rev bike film night…”Breaking Away!”

Everybody’s favorite bike flick. May 3rd.

Cutter’s rule.  Come on out!


New bike info sites..

Here are a couple fun links to Mechanic and shop buddy Preston’s growing list of bike websites: is a website about his hunt for random, obscure headset caps and other unusual mountain bike stuff.

NorCal Bike Swaps is a site listing upcoming bicycle swaps in Northern California and the San Francisco Bay Area.

Big wheels keep on rolling…

I just built up some 29er wheels for my buddy Ben’s new Santa Cruz Tallboy.  Ben has the good fortune to call Telluride, CO. home which aside from being quite a lovely place itself, is a pretty short drive from places like Moab, UT and Fruita, CO. both home to world class mountain bike trails.  I suggested that Ben go for an easy first ride on his newly built wheels allowing for a little spoke flex and break in.  He promptly headed down to the slickrock of Moab last weekend and proceeded to try his best to beat the hell out of them.  Fortunately for me, they held up just fine.  Here is a shot of the bike after the build up.  Carbon full suspender 29er, he thinks it weighs about 25 lbs.

Not to shabby.  Send some pics from Moab Ben!

Bikes: recent re-builds, Linus, and new stuff..

Here are some more rebuilt used bikes and a bunch of new stuff in the shop:

Linus Bikes back in stock!!  We just got a big order and they’re selling pretty quick.  We have a couple of mixte’s left, a few Dutch Coasters and 3spd models and a number of Roadster Classic models and Roadster Sport 3pds available in the different color schemes.  Stop by if you’re interested as these will likely go as fast as the last ones we had.

Here is a blog-up from LA Cycle Chic on a recent visit to the Linus shop down in Venice.

Linus Mixte 3spd in Creme.

Linus Dutch Coaster model.  We’ve got the 3spd version as well!

If you check a few posts back you may recall the Civia Loring cargo bikes that we got in.  We still have one Loring left but this is it’s little brother the Civia Midtown.  Same idea at a less expensive price point.  Fully geared with a sweet cargo rack on the front for all your hauling needs – $895.

Salsa Casseroll geared do-all road bike.  Nice steel tubes, clearance for big tires or fenders (or big tires/w/fenders…even better!), ride fast, go touring, or anything in between.  Not made of plastic!

Here is the single-speed  version.  Same frame, slightly different paint job modified to a quick, light single speeder.  Single – $795, Geared $1250.

The refurbished used bikes have been selling so fast that I hardly have time to shoot them to get on the blog before they’re gone.  Here are a few new ones that went on the floor this week.

Bianchi Eros turned into a solid 1×8 fast town cruiser $700.

Rebuilt Nishiki Olympic 64cm!!!! Yep, it’s huge.  Tell your tall friends that are constantly leaving bike shops in tears because the current bike industry doesn’t recognize anyone over 6’3″. $575.

Centurion Super Le Mans. Lovely outlined lugs on this one also for the larger humans – 63cm $650.

This thing came our way recently.  Pedal isn’t the typical go-to shop for dirt jump rigs but if you’re in the market, this one looks like a hell of a lot of fun.  Specialized huck bike $600.  Pretty new condition.

A bunch of other stuff showed up today but the lack of a camera is killing me.

-New Volume frames in (New light blue and root beer brown colors).

IRO frames in black, blue and white!

Zefal anti-theft quick release skewers (Keep your wheels safe! These are sweet.)

Vittoria Randonneur Hyper tires!  (sweet new Rando style, less tread so much smoother riding but still a burly, skid- friendly tire.  Sized all the way up to a 40 width for those big clearance trick bikes. Triple Shielding for mega-flat protection.

I’ll try to get some pics up soon.

Anybody catch the Paris-Roubaix last week?  I’m thinking Fabian Cancellara might be talking to Saxo Bank about a raise.  Incredible performance.  Watch him ride away from the lead group like they’re standing still: Cancellara Paris-Roubaix

Go ride your bike.

Linus bikes on the way…

Lot’s of folks have been stopping by Pedal looking for Linus Bikes.  We have a few coaster brake models on the floor currently and a full shipment is on the way of all the models and colors.  We anticipate seeing them and getting them built up for the floor for next weekend.  I’ll post again when they’re here.

In other news, the shop camera has died this week  so blog posts have been lacking my traditionally ham-fisted photography until another one can be obtained.  I will resort to scouring the interweb for my photo product needs and “borrowing” images when necessary.