Stuff this week!

Big delays in blog updates lately.  Summer days run away quickly, even this non-committal summer we’ve been experiencing so far.  Here is a quick update on some new shop stuff.

First off….Linus Mixte and Dutch bikes are back in stock!!! So many people have been asking about these that it’s been tough to fill the demand.  We’ve received half of our order so far and are currently in the process of getting them assembled.  We have some Mixte’s in all colors: blue, black, and creme, Dutch 3spd’s in creme and black, and Roadster Sport 3 spd’s in all colors.  I feel like a broken record writing this, however I repeat, “these will go fast!”. The last batch sold out in a week so if  you’ve been waiting for them to show up come on down and pick one up soon.

Dutch 3spd.

Mixte 3spd.

Below is a custom build we did from a Pake frameset.  This one is set up as a strong general duty commuter.  These frames are super value priced at $300.  They can be built up as touring bikes, commuters, all-rounder style road/cross bikes, singlespeed or geared.  A lot of versatility for a decent price.  The single decal on the downtube can be removed for those of you that like their bikes in stealth mode.

Here is the custom we built that is currently for sale  with the frameset in grey pictured below it.

Mixte fever!  It’s hard to deny the classy look of the Mixte frame design.  Whether or not you’re a fan, the masses have spoken and the bike world is seeing more and more bikes styled along these lines from companies like Linus, Breezer, Globe, Soma, KHS, Fuji etc.  We at Pedal Rev appreciate their versatility and timeless appeal as well and have been refurbishing classic 80’s era Japanese Mixte’s for years.

Here is the latest Pedal Rev version.  A total rebuild put together by Uri with sweet styling and attention to detail.  Stop by and visit if you like the look of this very original bike – $595.

Next up is a rebuilt Bridgestone MB5.  Great tough city commuter/trail runner that will outlast most current new hybrids.  18″- $475.

Check back in a few to see a posting on sale bikes and some exciting new products….


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