Have you seen him????

Tragedy struck Pedal Revolution recently.  Our beloved friend, mascot and mentor Kermit the frog was stolen from the shop.  He has been with us through thick and thin and we miss him terribly.  There is a gaping whole in our hearts and in Kermit’s usual cozy spot situated between stuffed tiger and stuffed monkey.  Tiger and monkey have gone into a deep depression missing their friend.  If anyone out there has seen him or has info on his where abouts please contact the shop.  A magical reward will be offered for the safe return of Kermit.

He is easy to spot:   about 3 feet tall, green, bulging eyes, loves rainbows, melancholy disposition, has mixed feelings about being green.

Come home Kermit!


3 more rebuilt used bikes added to the floor.

Things slowed down a bit last week and the crew were able to crank out some more rebuilt used bikes.  We have a number of small used road bikes right now.

Here are three bikes just added:

Specialized Sirrus. 20″ – $295. SOLD.

Raleigh Grand Prix Single Speed.  Classy number.  54cm – $550. SOLD.

Lug detail.

Specialized Crossroads drop-bar all terrain killer. 54cm –$$495. SOLD.

Angry bee sound here.

Soma Fabrications/Pedal Rev Custom Builds!!

Pedal Revolution collaborated with Soma Fabrications and built up a few of their new 2010 frames into some gorgeous custom bikes.  Soma plans to use them for their catalog and website so we got a generous creative license to have a little fun with these builds.  They are all for sale in the shop.

First up.  Clancy’s build up of the new 55cm Soma Rush track frame with some extra nice parts.

Cinelli Priest bars, Tange straight blade chrome fork, Gatorskin Hardshell tires.

New IRD Defiant Track Cranks.

Suzue Promax Disco hubset handbuilt to Sun M13 rims.

Cardiff saddle. Lugged Nitto setback seatpost.

Lugged Nitto stem.

Next is David’s build up of the 58cm Soma Stanyan.  Tange steel road bike with chrome lugs at the headtube and fork crown.

A mix of 105, Chris King, Sugino Double crankset w/ TA Specialties rings, Thomson post and stem, Nitto OS heat-treated Handlebar, Suzue Classic Road hubs on Open Pro rims (decals removed).

Note the alternating Thomson silver/black colorways on the stem and post and new rising sun Soma headbadge.

Chromed lugs.

Brooks saddle.

This one is the 17″ Soma Groove hardtail mtn bike.  I built it up with a nice mix of solid but cost-effective parts into a quick, light workhorse of a mtn bike.

Tange steel for a long lasting comfy ride. IRD suspension corrected rigid fork.  Shimano Deore/SLX drivetrain.

Soma Odin bar.  Classic Salsa stem.

Ken built up a 54cm Soma Smoothie ES.  A very clean build with nice attention to detail.

Nitto stem and Handlebar.

Sugino Crankset and Tiagra Controls and derailleurs.

Nitto seatpost and Soma Hisou saddle.

Current Used bikes for sale line-up.

As of  today this is what we have for used bikes on the floor:

Beautiful Specialized Sirrus full-rebuild with super custom ketchup and mustard bar tape job by one of our stellar interns. 52cm – $650. SOLD

Below is the intern with his super unique bar tape creation. Yeah buddy.

Schwinn Traveler Rebuild 47cm –$600. SOLD. Grey Panaracer Pasela tires.  Dreamy ride.

Windsor black and red Lugged Lil’ roadster.  50cm – $550. SOLD.

Big Red here is a Nishiki rebuild topping out at a tall 64cm!  Few contemporary bike companies make a stock frame this big anymore.  Pedal Rev does not discriminate against the very tall or the very small. If people refer to you as “legs” or “stretch”  this could be your new best friend.  $525. SOLD.

Another tallish rebuilt road bike. This one is a Univega Maxima Sport.  62cm – $550. SOLD.

Bridgestone MB-5.  Nice tough do-all commuter rambler.  Whip through the park on this one, dirt or road..your choice.  18.5″ – $475. SOLD.

Trek Antelope 830.  Not sure how much this bike ever had in common with an antelope but it makes for a reliable and affordable daily rider.  A solid commuter bike made from steel the way bikes should be.  16″ – $350. SOLD.

As is evidenced by our current roster of used bikes for sale.  We end up with the extremes of the size range and not a lot in the middle….  large and small sized frames stick around but the most popular medium sizes tend to sell very quickly.  we are always working on trying to have a balanced range available but in the first come first serve world this is a realistic picture of what we have on any given day.  We are constantly building more and I try to post them here as soon as they are ready.  We do have an excellent selection of sizes in new bikes at a variety of price ranges too!

July Update.

Here is some fun new stuff that’s come through the shop:

If you caught the posting a few back about the new Volume Thrasher trick frames, here is a follow-up.  The bike above belongs to  Clancy at the shop.  It’s the Thrasher frame built up with some of his favorite parts.  He’s been riding the heck out of this thing and the verdict has been a big thumbs up. We have a full size run of these frames in stock now.   Below are a few detail shots of Clancy’s build.

Profile bmx cranks in blue.

Volume Trickster bar with nice Thomson bits.

Below is a sneak preview of one of the new Soma custom builds Pedal Rev did in collaboration with Soma Bikes.  This is a detail shot of the new Mt. Sutro headbadge on their Rush Track frame.  Clancy did the honors on this build and tricked it out very nicely.  Stay tuned for a blog update with photos and specs of all the custom Soma’s Pedal built for their photo shoot.  The bikes are for sale as well!

Here are some new bikes for sale in the shop.  First up is a Rivendell Ramboulliet frameset built up with a Cinelli Priest bar and Ird thumb shifters. Excellent all-rounder that oozes style.  50cm – $1575.

Next is a custom build up of a Handsome Devil frameset into a super-utility commuter.  Consider this a very solid  flat-bar road bike that can do dual duty as a load hauling tourer/commuter bike.  Braze-on’s for any rack, fender, basket set up you can imagine, sporty cyclocross style geometry etc.  This is just one example of about a dozen ways this bike can be built up. This on is a 55cm -$950.

Next are a couple new bikes we have on sale:

Fuji Roubaix 2.0 in a 56cm on sale for $935! Great price for a legit. first performance road bike.

For those of you seeking that elusive sub $500 bike.  Check out these KHS Urban Uno’s we got on close-out.  Nice quality butted steel framed singlespeed/fixie for $485.  They were $699 originally.  We have a full size run in the shop but they’ll go quick.

Next post will have some recent used road bikes added as well as the Soma custom build projects……