July Update.

Here is some fun new stuff that’s come through the shop:

If you caught the posting a few back about the new Volume Thrasher trick frames, here is a follow-up.  The bike above belongs to  Clancy at the shop.  It’s the Thrasher frame built up with some of his favorite parts.  He’s been riding the heck out of this thing and the verdict has been a big thumbs up. We have a full size run of these frames in stock now.   Below are a few detail shots of Clancy’s build.

Profile bmx cranks in blue.

Volume Trickster bar with nice Thomson bits.

Below is a sneak preview of one of the new Soma custom builds Pedal Rev did in collaboration with Soma Bikes.  This is a detail shot of the new Mt. Sutro headbadge on their Rush Track frame.  Clancy did the honors on this build and tricked it out very nicely.  Stay tuned for a blog update with photos and specs of all the custom Soma’s Pedal built for their photo shoot.  The bikes are for sale as well!

Here are some new bikes for sale in the shop.  First up is a Rivendell Ramboulliet frameset built up with a Cinelli Priest bar and Ird thumb shifters. Excellent all-rounder that oozes style.  50cm – $1575.

Next is a custom build up of a Handsome Devil frameset into a super-utility commuter.  Consider this a very solid  flat-bar road bike that can do dual duty as a load hauling tourer/commuter bike.  Braze-on’s for any rack, fender, basket set up you can imagine, sporty cyclocross style geometry etc.  This is just one example of about a dozen ways this bike can be built up. This on is a 55cm -$950.

Next are a couple new bikes we have on sale:

Fuji Roubaix 2.0 in a 56cm on sale for $935! Great price for a legit. first performance road bike.

For those of you seeking that elusive sub $500 bike.  Check out these KHS Urban Uno’s we got on close-out.  Nice quality butted steel framed singlespeed/fixie for $485.  They were $699 originally.  We have a full size run in the shop but they’ll go quick.

Next post will have some recent used road bikes added as well as the Soma custom build projects……


2 thoughts on “July Update.

  1. Are those Cinelli priest bars available? Or only NOS, etc? A quick google search yielded only a Ahearne-replica. Thanks for the info!

    • Whoops. Those are actually the Nitto Jitensha bar. Similar to the Cinelli Priest. My mistake as we only have the Jitensha’s and the Ahearne Map bar in stock.
      Thanks for catching that!


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