Some old, some new..

Here are a few bikes put on the floor this week…

This one is the last Surly Pacer we have leftover in the old Silver color.  Recently rebuilt into a sweet city bike. 1 x 7 drivetrain. 54cm – $995.

We got a few KHS Flite 100’s in stock to help with the demand for affordable fixie/singlespeeds.  Butted steel framesets, clean looks and solid build for $585.

Salsa Casseroll custom build.  This bike is rides so nice!  Handbuilt Velocity Aerohead rims laced onto Shimano 105 hubs. Nitto Dream Drop bar, Nitto stem and seatpost.  Chris King headset. San Marco Rolls saddle.  Someone needs to pick this up and make themselves very, very happy. 56cm – $1,695.

KHS Cidi 3spd refined city cruiser. $420.

As usual we end of with a lot of tallish used bikes. Both of these are full rebuilds.  This one is a Trek Sport 370 rebuilt from a road bike into a more upright riding city bike.  Updated the drivetrain and wheels, added some comfy 37mm Pasela tires. 62cm-$575.

Another one here. Centurion Accordo rebuilt with the same big Pasela tires. An excellent choice for a bigger rider not only giving a cush ride but more support to the wheels. 62cm – $595.

Rockhopper singlespeed city masher. Super deal 20″ – $210. SOLD.

Specialized Crossroads rebuild. 17″ – $295. SOLD.

Beautiful Bianchi built Puch road bike in sparkly green with painted to match frame pump. Nice Campagnolo bits on this one. 53cm –$850. SOLD.


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