Pedal Rev Closed for the holidays…..

Pedal Revolution will be closed from Dec. 24th through Jan. 3rd.

We will re-open for regular business hours on Tuesday Jan. 4th.


Thanks for the continued support of our shop and our social mission over the last year. We look forward to seeing you in 2011.

Happy Holidays!



Pedal Rev holiday gift ideas for your biking friends and family.

Winter weather in SF isn’t as dramatic as other places but we do have our share of rain and short daylight hours.  Pedal is well stocked with fender and light options for your early morning or evening ride home.  Here are a few other gift ideas for the cyclists in your life:

Saddles! Unfortunately one of the most common items stolen off of peoples bikes. We stock a huge range of options from basic inexpensive, to comfort,  to lightweight racing models.  The options shown directly below are all $25 bucks. Yes, they are copies of high dollar saddles (some of which are no longer made) but they are comfy, look good and won’t break the bank.

We have the nice nice saddles too…..Selle Italia, Fizik, Rolls….

and let’s not forget our assortment of Brooks saddles, bags and bar tape in traditional and new colored leathers..

The other most commonly pilfered items from SF bicycles are the wheels.  If you’ve had a wheel stolen then you know that they are expensive to replace and represent a large portion of the cost of a given bicycle.  Let’s say, for example you buy a bike for $600 and your wheels get stolen.  It will cost between $250-$350 to replace your bikes wheels with an equivalent set.  It adds up quickly considering that you’ll need tires, tubes, rim tape, and a rear body of gearing.

We see this situation all too much in bike shops:  Customer comes in carrying bicycle without wheels.  Customer informs us that wheels were just stolen where the bike was locked up at BART, the Metreon, Market Street, Valencia, in the garage, etc.. We let them know what the replacement cost and options will be and a look of horror registers on the customer’s face,

“but….I only paid $300 bucks for the bike!”.

Protect your wheels!  There is no 100% theft- proof option but there are options that will put the odds in your favor and make it more difficult for would-be thieves to get your hoops.  Pedal Rev mechanics are happy to suggest locking techniques and lock options.  We also stock a variety of locking skewer options at a range of prices to help keep your wheels safe. These are axle skewers that replace the common quick release skewers on many bikes with a set that requires a key or proprietary tool to open them.

Some other great gift ideas….


Tools for the aspiring (perspiring) home mechanic.

Wool gloves with grippy palms! ($21).

Shiny new bar tape! It’s like a proper new haircut for your bike.

Handlebars!  These are three of our more popular models. From top to bottom…Ahearne MAP bar, Nitto B2522, and Velo Orange Porteur bar.  All nice options for a city bike build up of drop-bar conversion.

Cycling caps! Despite the current fashion fad of cycling capdom, they do actually serve a purpose.  Keep the rain, sun, and wind out of your eyes while riding, keeping your head warm (under your helmet), and keep the hairdo intact.  Tons of caps in stock including some of shop pal and SF local Chuey’s handmade one of a kind designs as well as Yanco caps from LA.

Bags! Bags and baskets are just about my favorite thing to put on a bike.  Ride bikes and bring stuff. We have a number of bag and rack/basket options to work on just about every style of bike.

This is the Velo Orange Campagne Boxy Bag – $105.  Its a canvas and leather front bag meant to work with a front rack.  Multiple pockets, a protected map case, and a good amount of room make this a great choice for around town errands, a long ride where lunch and extra clothing might be necessary, a first randonneuring adventure, a picnic ride, etc.

This one is Velo Orange’s Baguette Saddle or handlebar bag – $34. Perfect for a super burrito to go, a hoagie, or whatever misc stuff you’d rather not carry on your person.

We have a small stock of Sackville and Nigel Smythe bike bags.  These are beautiful handmade bags from reputable bag makers that will last through many years of daily use.  Currently we have a few Small and Large sized Sackvilles and some medium Nigel Smythes.

larger Sackville –  $150.

Smaller Sackville saddle bag – $100.

Nigel Smythe bag – $165.

Ortlieb make excellent waterproof, foul-weather bags.  These are super adjustable with a huge carrying capacity.  They are sold individually so pick up one or two.  Perfect for grocery shopping, laptop transporting, laundry day, or that bike tour you’ve been planning. $90 each.

We also stock this great little economy pannier set from Axiom – $50 for the set.  Work great for a front set or a smaller capacity rear set.

We have a bunch of different front and rear rack styles in the shop. The Velo Orange Porteur rack shown below is a classy option for front carrying needs – $160.

These items are a sampling of gift ideas.  Visit the shop to see what’s new this week.

Reminder that Pedal Revolution will be closed from Dec. 24th through Jan. 4th for the Holidays and shop inventory.

Rebuilt Used bikes added Dec. 1st.

We have a pretty large assortment of refurbished used bikes in the shop right now…..cruisers, road bikes, mixtes, mtn bikes, and hybrids. Pedal also has some great deals on new bikes for the holiday.  Below are just a few of the recent used rebuilds..

Sweet Steel Bianchi rebuilt with brand new Campy Mirage shifters. 57cm – $695.

Next up..a Bridgestone Radac road bike. Great smaller road bike. 52cm -$550.

Lovely red suede Supercorsa saddle.

This beautiful Peugeot came to us last week and I was able to rebuild it. It was kept dry and happy for many years resulting in its excellent shape. It’s owner was sad to part with it but wanted it to go to a good home . We promised to fix it up and keep the original style.  The wheels were replaced with a lighter weight aluminum set along with tires, drivetrain, bottom bracket, a nice condition Stronglight crankset, cables, housing and brake pads.  I re-attached the original chrome fenders and rack and wired up the generator lights which to my surprise work great.  This bike is an example of some of the nicer details found on French bikes of this era.  Someone will fall in love with it soon. 50cm -$400.

Original Porteur style handlebar with fender and front generator light visible.

Rear rack and fender with built in bungee cord.

Stronglight crank with Leotard pedals.

Working generator light!

Rebuilt Jamis cruiser with ape hangers, tough Continental tires and updated single speed drivetrain ready for your next nighttime mission crawl. 18″ – $195.

Trek Fastrack 370 road bike rebuild. 52cm -$475. This will go quick. Good size, good price.

This is a rebuilt Univega touring bike.  Nice Japanese built frame with all the braze-ons for racks, fenders etc. I built it up into a city style porteur bike but with a triple crank set for touring capabilities.  A hand-built 105 hub/Velocity rim wheel set  was added for long term rolling duty.  My touring bike was the same model as this and I rode it everywhere  for  years. 57cm

Throw some Racks and bags on this bike and put your car up for sale.

The Trek 7.5 FX hybrid below was donated in great shape.  We added a few tweaks and parts to make it floor-ready. 17.5 -$500.

Here is a Univega road bike rebuilt into a nice city rider. Swept back bars added for a more upright position. 57cm – $450.

Stop by the shop to check out these and the rest of our rebuilt used bikes and affordable new bikes. Rainy days are no reason to stop riding your bike. Pedal has a full range of fenders, bags, baskets, lights, gloves, and hats to keep you rolling dry and happy.