Recent refurbished used bikes added at Pedal Revolution bike shop

We’ve been refurbishing a consistent number of used bikes lately at Pedal Revolution.  Here are some recent ones that were put on the floor this week…

A lovely pink KHS Montana Mtn bike from the early days of mountain biking. This bike is sweet and in fantastic shape. The bearings have been repacked, new tires, tubes, cables, housing, pads, pedals, chain, freewheel and a Brooks Flyer have been added.  Older mtn bikes where built with longer wheelbases much like touring bikes so it has a very stable and confident ride quality.  It would make a spectacular city bike and could do some touring duty if called upon.  It would still be a pretty fun mtn bike too. 20″ – $395.

Here are some detail shots:

Specialized Hardrock – 19″ –$275. SOLD!

Painted Cannondale road bike. Rebuilt with 105 hub/Mavic Open Sport wheelset. Sweet road bike in blue and pink camoflage.   52cm Seat tube, 54cm top tube – $495.

Trek 720 rebuilt as a poor man’s Touring bike. Great for on road/off road jaunts, overnights, commuting, farmer’s market excursions etc. 54cm -$425.

Trek 1000. Great condition. 43cm – $575.

Trek 820. 17.5″ – $275.

Trek 3200. 16″ – $275 SOLD!

Gary Fisher Marlin. 16″ – $275. SOLD!

Gary Fisher Aquila. 15″ – $325.

Gorgeous lugged steel custom Marinoni with a Wound Up carbon fork. Campy parts.  This bike is huge. 67cm seat tube with a 63cm top tube.  It would favor a rider with long legs. $1000.

Bridgestone Comp rebuilt as a sweet all-arounder. city-tour-commute-ramble. 53cm ST x 55cm TT -$650.

Crazy little blue and Pink Cruiser with ape hanger bars. 16″-$295.

Bridgestone Radac aluminum road racer. Campy wheels, nice bits 52cm-$550. SOLD!


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