Pedal Revolution used bikes added this week.

Rainy days make for productive bike building time. Here are a few that went onto the floor this week…

Motobecane Touring 63cm

This bike is gorgeous and I wish it fit me. Motobecane touring frame completely rebuilt with very nice parts from Sugino, Nitto, Brooks, Shimano and Continental. It is sized for a tall individual. My current favorite in the shop right now. 63cm Seatube with a 59cm Toptube – $875.

Here are a few detail shots..

Nitto Periscopa stem for a more upright riding position.

New Orange colored Brooks B17 with cool vintage set-back seatpost.

Original period correct Mafac Cantilever brakes!!

Three bottle cage mounts on this guy.

I love the bend of the this fork blade with all my heart. Lovely.

Next up..

Cannondale SH400 50cm road rambler

Here is another of our mechanic Ken’s specialty builds. He calls them “ramblers”. Other descriptions that would be accurate are all-rounder, do-all road bike, or touring bike without the high price tag, etc. Ken is great at seeing creative potential in frames like these. This one is a full rebuild into a very comfortable more upright positioned road/touring set up. 50cm – $450!

Detail shots…

lots of gears, rack, and water bottle cage.

higher rise handlebar position and friction stem shifters. They work great.

Sweet white with blue paint splatter paint job.

Classy Shimano 600 brake levers.

Here is another Ken build. Nice Miyata triple butted lugged steel frame rebuilt with all new parts.

A few detail shots…

Miyata Triple Cross 700. 54cm – $700. SOLD.

Here is a rebuilt variation on an older mtn bike frame that converts nicely into a bombproof city bike with grocery getting capabilities. Comfortable on road and off. Excellent do-all commuter for a steal. 19″ – $335. SOLD.

Gary Fisher Hoo Hoo E Koo 17" $299

Another spruced up steel mountain bike turned commuter. Gary Fisher Hoo Koo E Koo 17″ –$299 SOLD.

Looks the rain is gonna stick around for awhile. More bikes coming soon….


New Chuey Brand cycling caps and Rickshaw Commuter bags and backpacks at Pedal Revolution bikes.

Local fabric wizard Chuey stopped by last week with some new cycling caps. A few of these have already been sold. Cyclists love Chuey.

All handmade in SF. Each one is unique.

That striped one is especially awesome.

Also in this week, the nice folks at Rickshaw  Bagworks dropped off some new bags.  Rickshaw Bags are also made in San Francisco in a warehouse down off Third in the Dogpatch neighborhood. They have a great store at their location to showcase their whole array of products and designs.

This is one of their backpack designs. It has every feature you can think of: hideaway backpack straps for briefcase/handle style carrying, a built-in padded laptop sleeve, reflective detailing, multiple pockets, and it’s waterproof.

Waterproof interior with magnetic or buckle closure options.

Padded waterproof lap top sleeve.

Side view with large-sized external water bottle pocket.

Hideaway backpack straps.

loads of pockets.

This one has a great tweed fabric for the main panel.

We received a few of their Commuter 2.0 bags as well. Many of the same features as the backpack but designed to be carried like a typical messenger bag with included shoulder strap or briefcase style by the top handle.

Waterproof laptop sleeve and tons of pockets.

Side view.

Back view with zippered pocket with even more pockets.

The backpacks cost $160 and the Commuter bags $130. Great prices, great products and a great local company to support. Check them out.

New 2011 Surly Steamrollers!

Surly changed the look for the Steamroller this year, ditching the bullhorns, drops, or riser bars found on most fixie/Single-speeds. They opted to come out with a handlebar design all their own: the “Open Bar”. We at Pedal Revolution like the way the Surly guys design bikes around what they like to ride and ignore trends.

This paragraph from the Surly website explains the new version of the Steamroller quite well,

“As you’ve probably noticed, there are a whole bunch of fixed-gears out there nowadays, most of them either actual track bikes (not especially suited to streets and definitely not suited to paths) or modified fixed-gears that people ride like BMX bikes. We made ours more like an all terrain fixed-gear, an updated version of bikes from the old daze, long ago, when all bikes were fixed-gears, when people raced on flat oval dirt tracks, and when bad roads were the norm. The Steamroller is right at home in these conditions. What won’t it do? Bar spins.”

2011 Surly Steamroller

Surly changed the stock tires to a more all-purpose street/trail Continental Tour Ride.

2011 Surly Steamroller with comfy "Open Bar" handlebars


Pedal Revolution has a few of these in stock. Come by get acquainted.

Here is the rest of the Steamroller description from the Surly site:

“We offer the Steamroller as a frameset and also as a complete bike. The frame, like all our frames, is made of 4130 CroMoly steel. Steel is springy and durable, providing a ride feel you don’t get from aluminum or carbon fiber, at a price titanium can’t match. True, our frames are not the lightest out there, but then they’re not supposed to be. Instead, they’re a balance of excellent ride quality and durability.

It was designed as a dedicated fixed-gear, but its geometry is closer to a road bike than a track bike. It’ll take tires up to about 38mm. Its got nothing in the way of braze-ons except a set of water bottle cage mounts. You could add front and rear brakes and a freewheel if you really want, but you’ll need to use full length rear housing.

This year we changed the component spec of the complete bike. We gave the Steamroller big shoes, a wide upright-ish bar, brakes, and we chose a gear ratio more suitable to paths as well as roads. It sports Surly hubs (the rear is outfitted with our fixed cog and lockring, and is threaded on the other side for a singlespeed freewheel should you want to run one) and our new Open Bar handlebar, in addition to a selection of components designed to work well and love you long time without punching you in the wallet.”

Pedal Revolution Velo Orange Polyvent Custom Build.

Pedal Revolution Bikes built this handsome ride up for our our customer Sean to do some touring this summer and as a carry all for his cameras and art making equipment. He has been putting a lot of miles on it lately. Quite nice we think…

Velo Orange Polyvent porteur/touring custom build

Full fenders can be a bit of work to install but they really make a bike look great.

Enjoying the drop shadow from the Nitto water bottle cage in this photo.

Brooks leather bar tape to match the Flyer saddle and a VO handlebar bag for quick access to the camera.

Sean has a show up at Baer Ridgway Gallery in SF with some new work. Check it out.

First off, here are a couple of nice custom builds on sale.  Below is IRO built up as a single speed with some classy parts.  The addition of the new Velo Orange Milan handlebar and VO City brake levers makes for a sweet bar/lever set up on this city cruiser.

IRO custom built single speed. 53cm -$695.

This one is a Tom Hall fixed gear frame built up with some nice bits. Check out the new Soma Condorina Cafe Racer bar.  A sleek looking chromed bar with a wrist-friendly 15 degree backsweep. This one is a 54cm frame on sale for $689.

We have gotten some interesting new accessories in at Pedal Revolution lately.

The latest technology in bicycle lights is the rechargeable option. Forget replacing batteries, these two options from Knog and Blackburn plug right into a USB port and charge up. Light, bright and easy to use.

Blackburn USB rechargeable Flea bike lights.

knog Boomer rechargeable USB bike lights

The body of the Boomer can be taken out of the rubberized housing to be charged.

The main difference between the two is the way they mount to your bicycle. For those who favor the Knog style of light the Boomer continues with the rubberized strap that easily wraps around a handlebar, stem, or seatpost. The Blackburn Flea is a more traditional mount. It can also be fitted to a helmet with an optional mount or automatically mount to the new Bell Muni commuter helmet shown below.

Bell Muni helmet

Just in – a cool new helmet design from Bell. The Bell Muni makes for an excellent bicycle commuter helmet option. The helmet comes stock with two rear blinking led lights built into the harness.

red blinking eyes on the back of your head.

Never forget your bike lights again! These red LED’s are built into the back of the helmet harness. The Muni also has built-in mount options for the Blackburn Flea USB lights mentioned above. Sick of having your lights stolen off of your bicycle when you lock up? With your lights on your helmet you don’t have to worry anymore (just don’t forget your helmet).

Giro Surface in matte black and Houndstooth

Another new helmet style Pedal Revolution has is the Giro Surface pictured above in matte black and a houndstooth pattern for more urban style.

New Giro gloves!

Cool new glove designs from Giro in patterns, leather, and synthetic.

Soma Condorina bar

Pedal Revolution Bikes loves new handlebar shapes and styles. Above is another perspective on the Soma Condorina bar.

Velo Orange Porteur handlebar

This is a new shop favorite. Great size and shape for a city bike. Not too wide or too swept back. Velo Orange Porteur bar based on early French city bike designs. Below are a few more new ones.

Velo Orange Belleville handlebar

Velo Orange Milan bar

Ahearne MAP bar

Give your bike a face-lift! Feeling hunched over on your old ten speed or road bike and want to find a more upright riding position or be able to add a basket to your bike? Stop by Pedal Rev and get a free quote on changing out your current handlebar set up. Nothing like new bars for a new perspective.

Where to Bike San Francisco announces a Bicycle Photo Contest and Exhibit for San Francisco and suburbs.

This might interest some the ride bikes/take pictures types out there.

Where to Bike San Francisco announces a Bicycle Photo Contest and Exhibit for San Francisco and surrounding suburbs. The juried competition offers $1,000 in cash prizes.

Where to Bike San Francisco announces a Bicycle Photo Contest and Exhibit for San Francisco and suburbs.

The juried competition offers $1,000 in cash prizes!

In addition, winners will have their photo(s) published–with a photo credit–in the forthcoming guidebook, Where to Bike San Francisco, as well as on the book’s accompanying website.

  • Grand Prize (one winner): $300 and publication
  • First Place (two winners): $200 and publication
  • Second Place (three winners): $100 and publication
  • Honorable mention: publication

There is no fee to enter.

Check it out!