Pedal Revolution used bikes added this week.

Rainy days make for productive bike building time. Here are a few that went onto the floor this week…

Motobecane Touring 63cm

This bike is gorgeous and I wish it fit me. Motobecane touring frame completely rebuilt with very nice parts from Sugino, Nitto, Brooks, Shimano and Continental. It is sized for a tall individual. My current favorite in the shop right now. 63cm Seatube with a 59cm Toptube – $875.

Here are a few detail shots..

Nitto Periscopa stem for a more upright riding position.

New Orange colored Brooks B17 with cool vintage set-back seatpost.

Original period correct Mafac Cantilever brakes!!

Three bottle cage mounts on this guy.

I love the bend of the this fork blade with all my heart. Lovely.

Next up..

Cannondale SH400 50cm road rambler

Here is another of our mechanic Ken’s specialty builds. He calls them “ramblers”. Other descriptions that would be accurate are all-rounder, do-all road bike, or touring bike without the high price tag, etc. Ken is great at seeing creative potential in frames like these. This one is a full rebuild into a very comfortable more upright positioned road/touring set up. 50cm – $450!

Detail shots…

lots of gears, rack, and water bottle cage.

higher rise handlebar position and friction stem shifters. They work great.

Sweet white with blue paint splatter paint job.

Classy Shimano 600 brake levers.

Here is another Ken build. Nice Miyata triple butted lugged steel frame rebuilt with all new parts.

A few detail shots…

Miyata Triple Cross 700. 54cm – $700. SOLD.

Here is a rebuilt variation on an older mtn bike frame that converts nicely into a bombproof city bike with grocery getting capabilities. Comfortable on road and off. Excellent do-all commuter for a steal. 19″ – $335. SOLD.

Gary Fisher Hoo Hoo E Koo 17" $299

Another spruced up steel mountain bike turned commuter. Gary Fisher Hoo Koo E Koo 17″ –$299 SOLD.

Looks the rain is gonna stick around for awhile. More bikes coming soon….


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