Pedal Revolution best bike quick fix of the week.

This one came in yesterday. The customer had her front derailleur blow up at the beginning of a 65 mile organized ride. Ride support mechanic improvised, got her on the road and she was able to complete the ride.

Yep, that’s a twig jammed in the derailleur keeping it centered over the middle ring.



Pedal Revolution Used bike update 10-11-11

Pedal Revolution got a number of used bikes on the sales floor today.

Available now:

Univega Viva Sport. Rebuild of a nice lugged steel road bike into an everyday city whip.  58cm –$495. SOLD.

We have a lovely couple of large and small Nishiki Backroads hybrid bikes here. The first one is a step-through frame design 19″ – $350. SOLD!

New wheels, pedal, chain, freewheel, tire, tubes, cables, and housing and these two are ready to go.

The big guy. 23″ –$375. SOLD!

Tall bike, long wheelbase = stable ride, good load carrier.

If you caught the last bike posting, you may have noticed the liberal use of “excitement stripes”. Here again, is another prime example of what got consumers jazzed in the earlier era of bicycle graphic design. The Japanese really knew how to entice the American market.

Another little steel hybrid bike for sale: a Specialized Hardrock 18″ – $325. SOLD!

The next one is pretty special. This is a Japanese Koga-Miyata triple butted, lugged steel frame (nice tubes, very strong, very light!) completely rebuilt into a high-end performance road bike. A great bike for a cyclist who wants the benefits of the most current bike technology combined with the time tested ride comfort of a high-end steel frame. Every part on this bike was replaced, resulting in a nimble road bike with a  Shimano 105 component group plus an Ultegra rear derailleur. It isn’t cheap but compare it to any aluminum framed equivalent out there in ride quality and you’ll understand why these steel  frames where highly regarded. 58cm Seat tube with a 55cm top tube – $1,395.

Shimano 105 Crankset, Front derailleur and a Shimano Ultegra rear derailleur.

New Shimano 105 integrated shifter levers, Nitto stem and handlebar.

Nitto seatpost, pre-aged Brooks saddle.

10-6-11 Pedal Revolution used bike update and action hero news.

Rainy days this week have resulted in Pedal Rev staff starting to catch up with the used bike refurbishing process.  A few more made it onto the sales floor  this week and we’ve got a few nice ones in the works for next week.

Here is a beauty of a Raleigh mixte. Rebuilt with some original parts that were in great shape and a host of new ones added to modernize  it. New wheels built with double-walled rims, stainless steel spokes and sealed bearing hubs to smooth out the ride. Wide and comfy Panaracer Pasela tires to keep flats to a minimum. All cables and housing replaced as well as new chain and freewheel. Lugged steel construction with a lovely red and white paint scheme.

55cm step-through frame – $400. SOLD!

This one is a Fuji ” THRILL” step-through hybrid. New wheels, tires, cables, housing, bottom bracket, pedals.

48cm –$350. The Thrill is gone.

Notice the brilliant use of color splashes in the logo scheme. Forget your big budget marketing campaigns. Fuji had it dialed in the 90’s with their liberal use of “excitement stripes”.

Here is another Fuji from back in the day back for a second life. Fuji Mt. Fuji lugged steel rebuilt and ready for street duty. Check out the original Suntour rollercam brakes. 20″-$395.

Next up is a Cannondale roadie converted into light and fast street duty. This one is a total rebuild. Whippersnapper pavement terrorist. 61cm seat tube  x 58cm top tube – $595. SOLD!

Rumor has it that this bike originally belonged the famed martial artist turned action hero Steven Seagal. Apparently he was quite fond of powder blue color schemes. Further evidence to substantiate this rumor is the amount of long, greasy brown hair we found wrapped around the rear wheel axle as we stripped the original parts off the bike before rebuilding it. Visions of Seagal letting loose his trademark ponytail to do a few hair whips and letting it flow freely come to mind.

Own your own piece of Hollywood action hero history. (we got rid of the hair and replaced the wheels, don’t worry).

Seagal in prayer.

Leaner days, kicking ass (when he used to bicycle more).

Soma San Marco and Double Cross at Pedal Revolution

Finally got a new Soma San Marcos frame built up in the shop along with a new creme colored Soma Double Cross. These are two beautiful bikes.

The San Marcos is a collaboration between Grant Petersen from Rivendell and Jim Porter at Merry Sales distribution. This is a lugged steel beauty that has many characteristics of  the Rivendell models but at more of a Soma price point. Here are a couple links to the Soma site and the Rivendell site mentioning the frame.

The San Marcos we have in the shop is a 59cm built up with really nice parts to show off the loveliness of the frame. Stop by and take a look or take it for a test ride.


The Soma Double Cross is a perfect do-all road bike. Built from Tange steel tubes, it makes for a lightweight but sturdy bike ready for cyclocross, road rides, bike touring, loaded commuting, etc. We built this one up in more a road bike configuration but it is easily adaptable to any ride situation.

Soma doesn’t sell complete bicycles. They sell frames to be built up however the customer wants. These two are examples of a couple ways to set up these bikes but ultimately they are all intended to be customized.

Refurbished Bianchi Eros at Pedal Revolution for sale.

We’ve had a hard time keeping up with the demand for refurbished used bikes this summer. The shop has been very busy and we’ve been swamped with repairs lately. I’ll post the used bikes as we get them on the floor but lately it’s been few and far between. Reminder that we also stock a wide price range of new bicycles.

Here is a great little Bianchi Road bike that we just finished today and put out on the floor.

Bianchi Eros 49cm lugged steel roadbike. Campy parts.  $695. SOLD! Gone and gone.

Hope to have a few more done this week. I’ll add them here when they’re ready.