10-6-11 Pedal Revolution used bike update and action hero news.

Rainy days this week have resulted in Pedal Rev staff starting to catch up with the used bike refurbishing process.  A few more made it onto the sales floor  this week and we’ve got a few nice ones in the works for next week.

Here is a beauty of a Raleigh mixte. Rebuilt with some original parts that were in great shape and a host of new ones added to modernize  it. New wheels built with double-walled rims, stainless steel spokes and sealed bearing hubs to smooth out the ride. Wide and comfy Panaracer Pasela tires to keep flats to a minimum. All cables and housing replaced as well as new chain and freewheel. Lugged steel construction with a lovely red and white paint scheme.

55cm step-through frame – $400. SOLD!

This one is a Fuji ” THRILL” step-through hybrid. New wheels, tires, cables, housing, bottom bracket, pedals.

48cm –$350. The Thrill is gone.

Notice the brilliant use of color splashes in the logo scheme. Forget your big budget marketing campaigns. Fuji had it dialed in the 90’s with their liberal use of “excitement stripes”.

Here is another Fuji from back in the day back for a second life. Fuji Mt. Fuji lugged steel rebuilt and ready for street duty. Check out the original Suntour rollercam brakes. 20″-$395.

Next up is a Cannondale roadie converted into light and fast street duty. This one is a total rebuild. Whippersnapper pavement terrorist. 61cm seat tube  x 58cm top tube – $595. SOLD!

Rumor has it that this bike originally belonged the famed martial artist turned action hero Steven Seagal. Apparently he was quite fond of powder blue color schemes. Further evidence to substantiate this rumor is the amount of long, greasy brown hair we found wrapped around the rear wheel axle as we stripped the original parts off the bike before rebuilding it. Visions of Seagal letting loose his trademark ponytail to do a few hair whips and letting it flow freely come to mind.

Own your own piece of Hollywood action hero history. (we got rid of the hair and replaced the wheels, don’t worry).

Seagal in prayer.

Leaner days, kicking ass (when he used to bicycle more).


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