Pedal Revolution Used Bike Update 11-7-11

Winter is creeping in little by little in SF. Blustery days, temps dropping at dusk and some rainy days scattered in here and there are sure signs of our seasonal change.  No reason to stop riding the bike, just a reminder to have lights, gloves, fenders, and rain gear at the ready. Fall is a great time to get your bike “winterized” for all weather riding. Make sure your tires are in good shape. Rainy streets make tires more prone to flats as the water washes up more glass and debris and causes it to stick to wet tires. Fenders are a great option if the rain doesn’t intimidate you and will allow you to ride year round.  For serious rain riding, rain gear is necessary to keep the clothes dry. Things have mellowed a bit at Pedal Revolution in the last couple weeks giving us a bit of a breather from a very busy summer. We’ve had the opportunity to get some more used bikes refurbished and on the floor in the last week. Check them out…..

Specialized Street Stomper! Rebuilt with some sweet parts and hand built “team America” wheelset. $475-19″ SOLD!

Check out those spokes!

A lovely Fuji step-through rebuilt with a nice wide cruiser bar for easy city riding. 55cm – $375. SOLD!

Another step-through on the floor right now. A Nishiki in a 50cm – $450. SOLD! These two will go very fast!

A nice purple and green color-schemed Raleigh C-50 color matched and ready for street duty. $475  SOLD!- 19″

A steel Gary Fisher Mountain bike ready for street of trail. 17″ –$250 SOLD!

Another steel mountain bike converted to street duty. Specialized Rockhopper 21″ – $300. SOLD!

Finally here is a Trek 7500 hybrid priced to go quick at $200  – 18″. SOLD!


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