Pedal Revoluiton Holiday Hours and Gift Ideas.

Pedal Revolution will be closed from December 24th through January 3rd. We will re-open for business on January 4th.

If you’d like to pick up any holiday gifts for friends and family stop by the shop to check out great deals on new and used bikes, bike parts and accessories. If you aren’t sure what sort of cycling gift to buy you can opt for a Pedal Revolution gift certificate instead. Below are a few suggestions for gifts:

– Locking Skewer sets. If you’ve had a wheel stolen off of your bike you know the frustration and the significant cost of replacing it. Locking skewers are a great investment in protecting your wheels. These are almost as important as a good quality lock. We sell a few different brands at different price points but the best we’ve worked with are the Pitlock Skewers and the Onguard Skewers. They aren’t cheap, but then neither is the cost of a wheel replacement.

Lights. It gets dark early this time of year and a good set of lights is crucial for safety. The latest development in commuter lights are USB rechargeable lighting. The benefit of a USB light is no more worrying about batteries. Plug these into your desktop or laptop, charge them up and you’re good to go for a few weeks. We have a number of options available at the shop.

-Baskets and/or racks are another great gift idea.  Ride bikes, carry stuff and let your bike do the carrying duty. A simple rear rack or front basket can make a huge improvement in comfort, practicality and functionality for a city bike. Stop by for a suggestion of what would work best for your style of bike. We have a bunch of options and price points available.

-Basic bike emergency tool. Every cyclist should have one of these and know how to use it. Need to straighten your stem/handlebar? This tool will do it. Need to tighten your brake cable? Here you go. Want to install your new basket or rack? this is your new best friend. A small allen wrench tool set can help you out of about 50% of minor bike drama  that you may come across on a ride (flat tire fixes and a little know how being the other 40%, the remaining 10% leave to the pros unless you have a fair amount of time on your hands).

Blackburn Flea USB rechareable lights.

Super powered 150 Lumens Serfas front light. Excellent high visibility light for city riding or low light conditions.

Serfas Raider USB recharceable front or rear commuter light. 70 lumens. Charge indicator light.

Knog Boomer USB Rechargeable lights. Easy on, easy off light options from Knog. Many colors to choose from.

























Pitlock locking skewer set.

Onguard locking skewers set.













a Wald basket attached to a rear rack with a cargo net.

Wald front basket in silver.

Baskets can hold all kinds of precious cargo.

Porteur front rack with sweet transistor radio cargo and classy bike bag.

Soma Porteur rack in black.



































Swift Industries Handmade Bicycle Bags at Pedal Revolution

Pedal Revolution just received a new shipments of beautiful bags from Swift Industries in Seattle. We put in an order for some of their handmade custom panniers, and a saddle bag and suggested that they get creative and surprise us with the colors for the fabrics. The bags have shown up and they’ve blown away our expectations.  They’d be an excellent choice for running errands, grocery shopping, or riding your bike to Tierra del Fuego (or anywhere in between). Could be a special holiday gift  for a needy cyclist.

Below is the mini roll top pannier set in an Orange, brown, and blue configuration. These are $180 a set.

Roll top means totally waterproof and enormous load capacity.


































The other set of roll-top panniers in red and black.











Swift Industries "short stack" pannier set - $230 w/top pocket
















Room for bottles













Swift Trunk Saddlebag made with waxed canvas-$160.











So nice.

Used bike update 12-4-11 Pedal Revolution

Pedal Revolution has a large selection of new and refurbished used bikes on the floor right now at great prices.  Nothing beats a new bike for a fantastic Christmas gift.  Here are a few of the most recent refurbished used bikes that are available now:

Raleigh M-50 steel Mtn bike turned super-commuter. Nice upright handlebar position on this one, ready to go with fenders and a touring rack installed. Great deal!  20.5″ –$300 SOLD!

Giant ATX 870 Mtn bike with tough city tires and a rack for commuter duty. 21.5″ – $300. SOLD!

Azonic City bomber. 13″ – $395. SOLD!

Trek Mountain Track. 15″ – $275. SOLD!

Trek 7300 FX Hybrid. 17″ – $250. SOLD!

Schwinn Le Tour mixte Coaster brake single speed. 19″ – $350. SOLD!

Pedal Revolution Refurbished used bike update for 12-6-11

Pedal Revolution has added some more refurbished used bikes to the sales floor. Check them out….

Trek Mountain Track 19″ – $250.

Gary Fisher Hoo Koo E Koo 21″ –$395. SOLD.

Bridgestone MB5 Touring/off road rambler. Sweet!!! 60cm – $895. SOLD.

Univega Rover 19″ –250. SOLD.

Terry Prism 46cm -$750.

Miyata Path Runner 20″- $295. SOLD.

Miyata Trail Runner 20″ – $700. S Space Ghost!!