Pedal Revolution Used Bike Update 3-18-12: Torpado Green Machine!

This lovely thing is a refurbished Torpado Step-through bicycle that was donated by a customer who had given it many years of use. We spent a good amount of time refurbishing it. Handbuilt wheels onto a Sturmey Archer contemporary 3speed hub, new top pull brakes that fit with the fenders, recabled and re-wired the generator light as well as added a new rear light powered by the same charge. Torpado was an Italian bike company that was known for attention to detail in all of their bikes from racing to recreational. There are so many interesting details on this bike that make it stand out. Revamped but still a classic. $785.

Here is some info on the Torpado company I found online:

Torpado is a marque which dates from1908, and was especially noteworthy during the era of Coppi & Bartali.  They were sponsors of major international teams and enjoyed the reputation commensurate with that level of involvement.

The Torpado line was imported into the USA in the 1970’s & 80’s by the Agrati-Garelli Corp. in South Carolina (along with Batavus) and therefore there are reasonable numbers of these bikes in the USA.  The original Italian factory closed down not long after being bought by foreign owners in the late 1980s.

   Top-of-the-line models had beautifully crafted frames with routed out dropout faces, internal rear gear cable, shaped and engraved lugs & bottom bracket shell.  The signature/team color was what Torpado called  Celeste ….not the green “celeste” of Bianchi, but a light turquoise-inclined pearlescent blue, more true to the meaning, “Sky Blue.”






































































































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