Pedal Revolution New Bike Update 4/4/12: Introducing the All City Spacehorse!

Allow me to introduce your new best friend…the All City Spacehorse. Pedal Revolution just received our first shipment of these awesome bikes and we are super pleased to see them in person.

Here is a little information on the bike straight from All City’s website,

“The Space Horse is the most versatile bike in the AC lineup. It can handle front and rear racks, fenders, and has clearance for 42c tires.  It also has our new custom semi horizontal dropouts which allow it to be set up geared or single.

The geometry of the frameset itself, is a mix of traditional road and touring geo’s giving the bike agile head tube and seat tube numbers, a relatively short rear end, but with a lower than roadbike bottom bracket for increased stability while loaded.  The tubeset was chosen with 30lbs rear and 20lbs front max loads in mind.

The Space Horse is rugged, can run whatever drivetrain you wish, haul crap, and take your cycling experience further.

This bike was made to get you into and out of trouble,  to be your companion on exploration missions and all day benders,and to get you and your stuff around as quickly as possible.”

This bike takes versatility to a new level:  Commuting, road rides, weekend bike tours, off-road rambles in the woods, this bike can do it all very well. $1375 complete.

We have Spacehorse frames in blue also! $575.

Really nice headbadge on this one and Clearance for giant tires!

The build comes stock with all new 2012 10spd Shimano Tiagra shifters and drivetrain, including a Tiagra compact crank and a nice wide ranged 30 tooth cassette for low gears without the weight of a triple crank.

































Spacehorse frame in blue also in stock! $575.


One thought on “Pedal Revolution New Bike Update 4/4/12: Introducing the All City Spacehorse!

  1. Great machine! Thanks to Yuri for showing me some goods the other day. It’s a slow process, this new bike shopping, but I appreciate you taking the time.


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