Pedal Revolution Product Spotlight: Motley Goods Bicycle Bags

Pedal Revolution Product Spotlight:

Motley Goods Bicycle Bags

We are excited to partner with local San Francisco bag maker Cleveland Motley and stock his beautiful handmade backpacks, panniers, and basket bags. Below is a quote from Motley Goods website on their design and inspiration,

“Hand made in San Francisco, built for the urban adventure.

Designs born from the streets of San Francisco, every product is made by hand by us and built to last a lifetime.

Motley Goods takes its inspiration from products that were built and used before the age of planned obsolescence.

We strive to combine a classic minimalist style with strength through superior material and construction.

Pedal Revolution currently has a few of the Basket Bags (designed to fit perfectly in a medium Wald basket), the Weekenders, and the Convertible Pannier Backpacks with internal waterproof laptop sleeve. These bags have a really great minimal look combined with highly functional details. They all have multiple pockets, leather straps, and are fully waterproof.


Pedal Revolution Used Bike Update for 10-25-12: Made in Japan JC Penney

Pedal Revolution Used Bike Update for 10-25-12:

JC Penney 10 speed converted to classy city bike. This is an interesting bike. It’s an 80’s frame sold through the JC Penney department store but the frame was made in Japan with pretty good tubing, decent lugs, and thick dropouts. The had Shimano parts on orginally. Pedal Rev refurbished it into a more upright riding city bike with new wheels, tires, gearing, and cockpit. Very nice ride.

57cm -$575. SOLD!