Pedal Revolution Intern Graduation Day!

Pedal Revolution Intern Graduation Day!

Today our great intern, Jessika completed her six month internship at Pedal Revolution. We are proud of her hard work and look forward to seeing what the future holds for this bright young woman.

Great job Jessika!

Intern graduation days are the best!



Surly Crosschecks and Long Haul Truckers on Sale at Pedal Revolution!

Surly Crosschecks and Long Haul Truckers on Sale at Pedal Revolution!

If you’ve been scheming on that dream touring bike for 2013 adventures or you want to pick up a super-versatile everyday bike to get you through the rainy season and beyond, you can’t beat either of these two do-all bicycles.

The Surly Crosscheck and Long Haul Trucker are two of the most respected bicycle models of the last decade with good reason – they can handle anything you throw at them. Touring, commuting, off-road rambling, bike camping, load hauling, soggy work commute, cyclo-cross racing , grocery getter…the list goes on.

Pedal Revolution has stocked full sized runs of these bikes for years and they are some of our favorite bikes to sell. There are few bikes that inspire the kind of confidence that would allow one to buy a bike, load it up with camping gear and hit the road the next day for an adventure of indeterminate length with no needed upgrades or modifications.

Good to go, right off the floor…all the bike you need.

Pedal Rev has all of our 2012 models on sale right now and we are flush with sizes.

Surly Crosscheck MSRP -$1,250     Sale price – $1,099!

Surly Long Haul Trucker MSRP -$1,350   Sale price – $1,225!

In store bikes only.