Chuey Benefit Follow Up

Chava Wins the Raffle and a Custom Pugsley!

Chava-pugsleyChava Cronenberg of SuperPro Racing won the custom Surly Pugsley grand prize of the Chuey Benefit Soil Saloon Raffle. Here she is posing on her new whip of monsterous proportions at Pedal Revolution. The Surly Pugsley frame was a generous donation from Surly Bikes. Pedal Revolution donated the hand built wheels which were crafted by Uri Friedman. Soma Fabrications provided their Clarence bar, stem, post, and a beautiful brushed leather Mercia saddle. The remaining parts were purchased with proceeds from the Soil Saloon fundraiser and ticket sales to produce this awesome grand prize. Big up to everyone who helped make this happen. As it turns out Chava needs to figure out where to keep it, so it will stay at Pedal Revolution for the mean while. Behind her you can see the Surly Moonlander that is own loan from Surly. Come by, take it for a spi0n, and be prepared to grin from ear to ear. Better yet take it out to your favorite local trail and get some. I personally recommend a cruise along Ocean Beach. You’d be surprised how easily the 5″ tires can handle riding over sand dunes. It’s a bizarre phenomena. Riding on sand is so effortless, it’s mind boggling. What’s more, you’ll be giddy like a 6 year old bombing down a slide for the first time.


Pedal Revolution Intern Graduation Day!

Pedal Revolution celebrated our awesome intern Conrad who graduated from his internship today. Conrad has been with us for the last six months learning the inner workings of the bike shop. He has accomplished an enormous amount during his time here and we are very proud of him and excited for his future. Conrad finished building himself a bicycle on Friday and immediately took it on a 20 mile ride the same evening!

Congratulations on a job well done Conrad!

conrad grad

Pedal Revolution Used Bike Update 12-13-12: Miyata 312 – 650B Conversion

Pedal Revoluiton Used Bike Update 12-13-12:

Miyata 312 – 650B conversion

This is a gorgeous bike at a great price. Complete rebuild with nice quality components and converted to a 650B wheel size allowing for bigger tires and fenders. This isn’t really a bad thing about this bike…unless it isn’t your size.

58cm – $795

001 002 003 004 005 006