Pedal Revolution Sub 24hr Bike Camp Out!

Pedal Revolution Sub 24hr Bike Camp Out! a few of us loaded up our bikes with sleeping bags and some extra clothes and headed out after work on Sunday bound for the Haypress Campground in Marin for a sub24 hour bike camp out, otherwise known as an s240. Since we were just out for the night and would be heading back to the city early to be at work on Monday we just brought the necessities, sleeping bags, some brought tents, a light jacket, gloves, a headlamp, and of course….a burrito for dinner. The Haypress camp is at the end of Tennessee Valley Road off of the Marin bike path. Its about a 15 mile ride from the shop. An easy ride to do and still have a few hours of daylight to spare. Pedal Rev intern supervisor Angela joined us on the trip for her first ride across the Golden Gate Bridge as well as her first bike camping trip.

s2402 s2403 s2404 s2405 s2406


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