Pedal Revolution Used Bike Update 9-26-13: Trek Calypso cruiser

Pedal Revolution Used Bike Update 9-26-13:

Trek Calypso cruiser.

15″ – $300

calypso1 calypso2 calypso3


Pedal Revolution Bikes Available in Custom Colors!!!

Pedal Revolution has a custom paint option for bikes sold in our shop. Now you can have your new bicycle painted in your favorite color.

Below is an example of a KHS Flite 220, one of our most popular value priced road bikes that we had painted a custom deep orange with an additional sparkle coating. The black bike is the original paint scheme and graphics that are stock to the bike. The orange is same bike after custom paint. Pretty sweet upgrade, no?

After Paint…

flite painted1 flite painted 4 Flite painted 3 flite painted 2

223 painted 4

Before paint…

220 1 220 2 220 3

Color choice is up to you!

Painted forks

Pricing for custom paint is $150 additional plus the price of the bicycle. This covers the stripping of all the parts from the frame, the painting, prepping the frame after paint, and rebuilding it.