Pedal Revolution New Bike Update 9-1-13: All City Mr. Pink!

Pedal Revolution New Bike Update 9-1-13:

Pedal Revolution just received a few of the new All City Mr. Pink road bikes.

$1,595 complete.

mr pink1 mr pink 3 mr pink 2

Here is the description from the All City site:

“With our first roadie we set out to create a true heritage piece, a bike that the owner can love and cherish from here to infinity.  A mount that in 15 years will have seen countless miles and will have grown substantially in character and value over its lifetime.  To hell with disposable road bikes with a finite lifespan.

The Pink was influenced by our love of classic steel race bikes, our years spent paging though the old Bridgestone catalogs, and our dedication to exploiting new technology and advancements where ever applicable.  Geometry wise, it’s a no holds barred go fast machine, but we’ve made a few tweaks to the typical road race equation that allow it to be so much more than just a nice weather show pony. 

It’s got clearance for 32’s (28’s w fenders) since some of us love mixed terrain rides and streets only seem to be getting worse, hidden fender mounts, an ED coat for rust prevention, internal top tube cable routing, a Press Fit 30 bottom bracket and Columbus Zona tubing.

The Press Fit 30 BB allows for a stiffer pedaling platform and overall lighter build than a standard English shell, plus it has the advantage of being backwards compatible with most tradtional cranksets.  Not to mention that it sprints like hell.  The Columbus Zona tubing choice was another easy one, as weight is important to a bike of this style, and after a lifetime of drooling over SLX framesets we understand that there’s magic in those Italian tubes. 

This isn’t some flexy traditional 28.6 downtube road bike, it is a fire breathing aluminum killer, and perfectly represents our opinion of what a road bike should be: fast, responsive, aggressive, adaptable, and timeless.  The Mr. Pink.”



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