Surly Crosschecks on Sale through October at Pedal Revolution!

Another great deal through October….all Surly bikes are on sale including the much-loved Surly Crosscheck.

The Crosscheck pretty much started it all. It was the foundation that the Surly bike empire was built upon and really defined the all-arounder or do-all road bike description. Wizard Gandalf would call it, “One bike to rule them all!”

Just about type of riding you can dream up can be done on this bike. It’s versatility is only matched by its ease of customization. You want to bike tour to Mexico on your Crosscheck? just swap you bottom bracket and add a granny chainring. Racks and baskets for camping or groceries? It has every mount you’ll need. Feel like doing a century ride with your roadie buddies? Swap tires for some skinny slicks and your on your way. Join some friends for a mountain bike ride but don’t own a mountain bike? Put some cross or 29er knobby tires on it and now you do!

Here is a beauty of an example of our mechanic Graham’s personal CrossCheck. He rides it to work everyday and bike tours on the weekends.

Full size run in stock!

Regular Price $1,250 – Sale Price $1,150!!

grahams cross 2 grahams cross1 grahams cross3 grahams cross4 grahams cross5

Here is a stock Crosscheck in “Hospital Foam Green” :

greencross3 greencross2 greencross1


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