Pedal Revolution Product Spotlight: Brooks Cambium Non-leather Saddle!

Pedal Revolution Product Spotlight:

We just received a shipment of the new Brooks Cambium saddles. These are a rubber based saddles that Brooks claim to have the comfort, fit, and longevity of their other styles. Always wanted to try a Brooks saddle but prefer not to use leather products? Here is a vegan option. Below is some info from the Brooks website:

“Brooks Cambium is a range of saddles made from vulcanized natural rubber and organic cotton canvas
enhanced by a thin layer of structural textile for added resilience and legendary Brooks longevity.
The uniquely flexible, maintenance-free, waterproof top is designed to follow the rider’s movements to
deliver immediate comfort and ease of use.”

Pedal Rev has a tester kit of the men’s and women’s version so you can try before you buy! Come in and check them out!

cambrium4 cambrium2 cambrium1 cambrium 5 cambrium 3



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