Radio Program About Bicycling Across the US

On Friday, Boston’s National Public Radio affiliate, WBUR, weekday call-in program hosted a show about cross country bike touring.

The program, “On Point”, is much like KQED’s Forum ( .  It is pretty good listen for anyone who has or has wanted to get on their bike and really hit the road.


Pedal Revolution Used Bike Update 3/28/14: Schwinn Sierra

Pedal Revolution Used Bike Update 3/28/14: Schwinn Sierra

$425 BOOM! and it’s gone…



Since our supply of carefully restored bicycles is entirely dependent on the largess of our benevolent donors (thank you for the kind donations past and future supporters, and no, we do not buy used bikes. Sorry.) , the style, sizes, and price range of previously ridden bicycles we have to offer at any given time can vary wildly.  Due to the vicissitudes of the unpredictable donation cycle, some strange coincidences can occur. Perhaps you remember a recent pedal revolution blog post about another used Schwinn bicycle (yes, it is still available!) .


We now are wonderfully  saddled with another 1984 Schwinn off road model that has been collaboratively restored in a way that preserves the non-Orewellian stylistic vision of mountain biking in 1984 and is enhanced with tires that suit the utility demanded by urban riding in San Francisco, 2014.


Just about the entire Pedal Revolution staff had a direct hand in this refurbishment, from the beginning stages of regeneration to its final test ride, this bike was a real team effort with an obvious aesthetic homage to  OJ’s orange flair.


Like, it’s brethren , this bike features many of the same beautiful and functional features characteristic of the finer bikes of the period.


Fork mounts galore.


Rear mounts too (although, it is not totally necessary to have separate fender and rack mounts it’s a detail/nicety that should not be overlooked).


Can’t imagine Studs Terkel ( shrugging his shoulders at the sight of this fork crown.


But seriously, what really defines the look and feel of this bike is the OG bullmoose handlebar. It’s like radiocarbon dating for bicycles


As above, so below.


Together again. Both bikes are about the same size. Angela measured the Sierra to be 21.5″ but it all depends on the way you wield a measuring stick and frame size is just a semi-loose, but important, guideline. In any case, both the Sierra and High Sierra are worth checking out if you are about 5’10” to 6’2″ and wish to ride like it’s 1984 (in a non-totalitarian way).


Pedal Revolution Used Bike Update 3/26/14: English Cruiser and The “Deal” with Used Bikes

Pedal Revolution Used Bike Update 3/26/14:

The staff at Pedal Rev have been busy cranking out a continual batch of refurbished bicycles of late…or as we like to refer to them in the contemporary parlance of our time and location as “Luxury Pre-owned Artisanal Pleasure Vehicles”.

The deal is this…Pedal Rev is a non-profit. We run a work-internship program right here in our bike shop for underprivileged youth from San Francisco. Young adults between the age of 16-21 can apply to work at the shop as paid interns for a six month period during which they learn about bicycles, bicycle repair, maintenance, assembly, and culture. They also gain retail experience, inventory, shipping/receiving experience and an opportunity to get  some basic job experience under their belt (not an easy feat for young folks dealing with challenges in our already fast paced and quickly evolving city). They leave the program with a certificate of completion, a valuable experience in learning what it takes to maintain a job, a schedule, responsibilities, expectations, and accountability to a workplace. They also leave Pedal Rev with new self-confidence, the ability to give and receive direction from others, and the experience of working side by side with others in a communally supportive environment. Last but not least they graduate from our internship well on their way to their next step, be it a next job, or enrollment in school and of course a bicycle which they built themselves!

Our customers appreciate this aspect of our shop and donate their old and unused bicycles and bicycle parts to Pedal Revolution from which we rebuild, refurbish, and transform them into mixture of new/used bikes ready for another long life of service and companionship. This also means that we receive a wide range of shapes, styles, and sizes of bike donations which makes consistency a challenge. Pedal Revolution rebuilds a handful of these bikes each week and puts them on the sales floor for your perusal. We also post them complete with image, size, description and price on our blog (you’re already here!) and our Facebook page.

If you are dreaming of the perfect used bike (rebuilt with a robust assortment of new parts to ensure long term service and reliability) from Pedal Revolution, your best bet is to check our blog periodically or “Like” us on Facebook where you will receive the updates on used bikes on a weekly basis.

Below is a lovely and basic gem of a bike. An old English Royal Scot Coaster brake cruiser rebuilt and ready for casual rides at a leisurely pace. Call it a “Bar Bike”, a neighborhood rambler, call it whatever you’d like, just pleeeaase don’t take it to die an ignoble death on the Playa at Burning Man….or Do. Just don’t tell us about it.


52cm – $200. SOLD!

Rust4 Rust3 Rust2



Pedal Revolution Bike in the Stand: Bridgestone MB-4

Pedal Revolution Bike in the Stand:

This is great example of a converted classic. A Bridgestone MB series converted to a dreamy all-arounder complete with swept back bars, thumb shifters, front and rear Nitto racks, Brooks Sprung saddle. Taking an already versatile bicycle and making it even better is a whole lot of fun. This one is ready for daily duty or a bike tour.

Bridge4 bridge2 Bridge1


Here is some info on the Bridegstone MB Series from Sheldon Brown’s Archives:

“Mountain Bikes MB-1…MB-6
MB-4 Ad from March 1991 Mountain Bike Action Bridgestone was one of the first companies to jump on the mountain bike bandwagon in the 1980s, but from a “road” perspective. Early versions of the MB-1 came with drop handlebars and 126 mm dropout spacing!
The predominant style of mountain bikes in the early-mid ’80s was the “California cruiser” geometry inspired by the Schwinn Excelsior “klunkers”, with 44 inch wheel bases, 18 inch or longer chain stays, and frame angles in the high 60 degree range. These bikes were very stable for downhill use on Repack hill, but were not very good climbers. Petersen’s Bridgestones had much steeper frame angles and much shorter chain stays, which made them considerably more maneuverable and nimble than the older designs, and considerably better climbers. In the ’80s this design was considered “radical” but it proved itself on the trail, and was copied by everybody a few years later. This Bridgestone design still is the standard for rigid frame MTBs.”


Here is another nice B-Stone from a while back that Pedal Revolution retro-fitted:

bridgestone 1

Pedal Revolution Used Bike Update 3-20-14: Schwinn High Sierra

Pedal Revolution Used Bike Update 3-20-14: Schwinn High Sierra

Check out the latest A.B.C. from the peeps at Pedal Revolution. Another Bad  Curation!  A refurbished 2o” Schwinn High Sierra MTB. Sierra

$550 SOLD!


This bike was a high-end model the year it was released (unleashed?), 1984!  This careful restoration was partly inspired by the now legendary but back in the day (circa 1993) widely confounding, Bridgestone XO;  a 26″ wheeled (aka ‘mountain bike standard’) do it all road/off road/tour/commute bike.


Dig the Nitto moustache bar, 8 speed shimano bar-end flippers, and max goosed Nitto stem! All the controls are within a fingers reach! Lets also not forget the super nice new Continental “Town and Country ” tires (get it? if not, reread the above blurb).


All cables and housing are stealthily hidden underneath the bar wrap. Not only does this look totally sick, it leaves plenty of uncluttered space to add a front rack or basket. Form and function achieved at last.


Not sure if this Schwinn was made in Chicago but one must appreciate these big shoulders. Still plenty of fender clearance with a 2″ wide tire!


The rear triangle was lovingly cold set to accommodate the wider hub spacing of more modern (and strong) cassette hubs.


Lots of rad triangulation going on here! Including a wide range triple mountain crankset.  This bike is a splendid combination of old and new. If you are about 6″ tall it may be perfect for you!!!

In Stock at Pedal Revolution: New Albion Bikes!

Pedal Revolution just received a shipment of New Albion Homebrew road bikes. These are classic styled road bikes with attention to detail. The Hombrew has full mounting points for front and rear racks and  fenders for overnights and commuting duties yet maintains a classic smooth and quick ride quality.

Here is some info from the New Albion site:

“The Homebrew is a traditional road bike with classic style.  It looks speedy with its red paint job and skinny steel tubes, but we outfitted it with ample braze-ons for front and rear racks, full coverage fenders, and even mini front racks for supporting a handlebar bag. Perfect for all day rides or just a short trip to the local brewpub.

– Hill friendly gearing: Thanks to its smart 11-32t rear cassette, it has wider gearing than 90% of road race bikes out there.

– Kenda Kwest 700x28c tires: Durable and fast and ride a helluva lot smoother than the 23c tires that come with most road bikes.

– Lugged steel headtube and lugged fork

– Paint: Town Red”

albion3 albion2 albion1

albion7 albion6 albion5 albion4