Pedal Revolution Interns and Their Bikes.

One requirement for our youth interns at Pedal Revolution is that during the course of their 6 month work internship with us, they are expected to build up a bike for themselves from our used bike donations. This typically happens after they’ve been with us for a few months and have gained some mechanical skills. We intend the process to be a chance for them to utilize the skills they’ve learned and apply it to building their own bike. We are there to assist them in the process, but typically let them choose the frame, parts, color scheme, style etc.

OJ is a relatively new intern at Pedal Rev but that didn’t stop him from coming in last Sunday on his day off and spend all day building up his dream bike. Lack of experience didn’t deter him in the least and Pedal Staff all lent a hand to get him rolling. He wanted a bike to ride everyday and also be able to hit up some mountain bike trails near his home. We are really excited to be working with inspiring youth like OJ and look forward to seeing his talents and interest in bikes grow over the next 6 months.

Great job OJ!!



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