Pedal Revolution Used Bike Update 3-20-14: Schwinn High Sierra

Pedal Revolution Used Bike Update 3-20-14: Schwinn High Sierra

Check out the latest A.B.C. from the peeps at Pedal Revolution. Another Bad  Curation!  A refurbished 2o” Schwinn High Sierra MTB. Sierra

$550 SOLD!


This bike was a high-end model the year it was released (unleashed?), 1984!  This careful restoration was partly inspired by the now legendary but back in the day (circa 1993) widely confounding, Bridgestone XO;  a 26″ wheeled (aka ‘mountain bike standard’) do it all road/off road/tour/commute bike.


Dig the Nitto moustache bar, 8 speed shimano bar-end flippers, and max goosed Nitto stem! All the controls are within a fingers reach! Lets also not forget the super nice new Continental “Town and Country ” tires (get it? if not, reread the above blurb).


All cables and housing are stealthily hidden underneath the bar wrap. Not only does this look totally sick, it leaves plenty of uncluttered space to add a front rack or basket. Form and function achieved at last.


Not sure if this Schwinn was made in Chicago but one must appreciate these big shoulders. Still plenty of fender clearance with a 2″ wide tire!


The rear triangle was lovingly cold set to accommodate the wider hub spacing of more modern (and strong) cassette hubs.


Lots of rad triangulation going on here! Including a wide range triple mountain crankset.  This bike is a splendid combination of old and new. If you are about 6″ tall it may be perfect for you!!!


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