Pedal Revolution Used Bike Update 3/28/14: Schwinn Sierra

Pedal Revolution Used Bike Update 3/28/14: Schwinn Sierra

$425 BOOM! and it’s gone…



Since our supply of carefully restored bicycles is entirely dependent on the largess of our benevolent donors (thank you for the kind donations past and future supporters, and no, we do not buy used bikes. Sorry.) , the style, sizes, and price range of previously ridden bicycles we have to offer at any given time can vary wildly.  Due to the vicissitudes of the unpredictable donation cycle, some strange coincidences can occur. Perhaps you remember a recent pedal revolution blog post about another used Schwinn bicycle (yes, it is still available!) .


We now are wonderfully  saddled with another 1984 Schwinn off road model that has been collaboratively restored in a way that preserves the non-Orewellian stylistic vision of mountain biking in 1984 and is enhanced with tires that suit the utility demanded by urban riding in San Francisco, 2014.


Just about the entire Pedal Revolution staff had a direct hand in this refurbishment, from the beginning stages of regeneration to its final test ride, this bike was a real team effort with an obvious aesthetic homage to  OJ’s orange flair.


Like, it’s brethren , this bike features many of the same beautiful and functional features characteristic of the finer bikes of the period.


Fork mounts galore.


Rear mounts too (although, it is not totally necessary to have separate fender and rack mounts it’s a detail/nicety that should not be overlooked).


Can’t imagine Studs Terkel ( shrugging his shoulders at the sight of this fork crown.


But seriously, what really defines the look and feel of this bike is the OG bullmoose handlebar. It’s like radiocarbon dating for bicycles


As above, so below.


Together again. Both bikes are about the same size. Angela measured the Sierra to be 21.5″ but it all depends on the way you wield a measuring stick and frame size is just a semi-loose, but important, guideline. In any case, both the Sierra and High Sierra are worth checking out if you are about 5’10” to 6’2″ and wish to ride like it’s 1984 (in a non-totalitarian way).



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