Pedal Revolution Used Bike Update 4/13/14: Fuij Boulevard Mixte step-through

Pedal Revolution Used Bike Update 4/13/14:

The Mixte step-through frame design continues to be a timeless design. Despite it’s current resurgence in modern commuter and city bikes, it never really went away. The step through frame would pop up here and there tucked in among bike lines of other styles that have come and gone. Early Criticisms of the Mixte frame design were that it allowed for too much flex in the frame and was therefore relegated to the “townie” style of bike or coined as a “ladies” bike which was a silly characterization and a dismissal of the utilitarian nature of the design.


This bike is a lovely example of an 80′s era japanese built Fuji Mixte bike. It was created with Lugged construction and oversized tubing. While being moderately more flexible (flexibility in a bike frame isn’t always a bad thing!! See steel vs. aluminum) than a dual diamond framed counterpart. this frame is going on three decades of life and has many more left in it. Nope, its not a racing bike and its not going to help you achieve your personal best Strava time. What it will do is transport you along in dreamy stylish conveyance to your destination. You will be the envy of pedestrians and people riding less classically charming bicycles. You will look down at your bike and smile and perhaps think to yourself that this bike has lived numerous lives and now it is part of yours…and what a delightful couple you’ll make.


Pedal Revolution rebuilt this bicycle, like all of our refurbished bikes, utilizing some of the original parts and numerous new ones to both keep the original style of the bike and to update important components to contemporary standards. For example, the original wheel size the bike was designed for  was a 26″ wheel which necessitated the use of a very long reach single pivot brake caliper. Small wheels and poor stopping power kept this bike in the cruiser category at best. We decided to use a 650B sized wheel in place of  the 26″ giving a taller wheel diameter and allowing for smoother rolling and more efficiency in the ride. It also allowed us to replace the underpowered single pivot brake calipers with a dual pivot shorter reach brake improving the stopping power considerably.

The chain, cassette, and rear derailleur portion of the drive-train were replaced as well, giving a broader gear range on better functioning equipment. The original cockpit was very nice looking so we overhauled the Suntour thumb shifters and polished the stem. The handlebar was replaced with a period correct looking Wald bar. New cables, housing, headset, bottom bracket were added to ensure that the bike has many more years of reliable service. Lastly, we added a new set of Soma B-Side 650 japanese made tires to the mix. These tires are a shop favorite, very similar to the classic Panaracer Pasela but with extra reinforcement and sidewall protection built in. They roll beautifully and keep the flats at bay.

The Mixte style frame is experiencing a renaissance currently and variations of this step design are now available on classy city bikes like Linus but also on versatile road/touring style bikes from Soma, New Albion, Rivendell and others.

This little Fuji Boulevard is sized at 47cm which translates roughly to about a 15″ frame size and would fit someone roughly 4’10″ to 5’2″. It is priced at $420. SOLD!

Fuji mixte1

fujimixte6 fuijmixte7



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