Viner Photo Grouppo Due

Recently, a very special Viner  ( “Touring” city bike was sold.  The new owner, seeing the obvious potential for a bicycle powered light system for the bike decided to ditch the primitive bottle dynamo and invest in an awesome hub generated lighting system on a bike that just begged for proper human powered lumens.


In addition to the pictured above front and rear lights, the owner added a stylish art deco nitto rack to the bike. Way to pile on utility in a beautiful way!


It was not until immersed in the lighting install that the just how incredibly poised this bike is for a fully wired lighting bright light system. The wiring for the fender mounted light is routed through the frame and rear fender. From the front light,the rear wiring enters this port in the frame down tube…


Then exits the downtube in the bottom bracket shell (had to pull the bottom bracket. big deal).


How Bout’ a closer look.

From there, the wire ends enters the right hand side (aka, “drive side”) chainstay. I (Joel) had to use a plastic zip tie and some tape to fish it out this port.


From here the wire is routed along the inside of the fender along little welded U’s. Wish YOU could see them better here. This is a really cool detail I have never seen before.


Had to add an exit hole to the fender to tidily connect the wires to the fender mounted rear light.


Looks wireless and…











ready to roll out!





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