CORSARO Aegis Mixte 54cm -Pedal Revolution Refurbished Bike Update 4-24-14

We’ve just put out another beauty of a Mixte on the floor at Pedal Revolution in this Corsaro Aegis lugged steel gem. This is another example of the  lugged steel bike boom of the 80’s which produced many excellent frames out of Japan. Corsaro was a small company that had numerous frame runs produced out of the Giant factory around that time period. Similar to Univegas and Panasonics from that era, quality was strong and aesthetics were important in the making of these bikes.

This one is a full rebuild from the frame up into a perfect everyday utility bicycle. Completely built with new parts, including lovely details like the Linus Delano front basket/carrier, Chromed chain guard, sprung saddle, Nitto technomic stem, MKS pedals, and Panaracer Pasela tires. It is a single speed with a very neutral gearing – perfect for getting around town with any fuss.

54cm – $550.


corsaro6 corsaro5 corsaro4 corsaro3 corsaro1


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