Soma Saga Commuter! “What’s in the Stand?” at Pedal Revolution

In this installment of “Whats in the stand?” at Pedal Revolution, we have a well thought-out Soma Saga touring bike built up into an uber-commuter workhorse. The customer wanted something very reliable that could manage dual duties as a go to bike for multiple types of riding with it’s core responsibility as his everyday reliable transport. He did much of the build up himself with some help and brought the bike to Pedal Rev to set up his generator hub powered light-set. We added a few  modifications as per his request to have the lights bolted onto the bike rather than strapped on as they were designed to be.


The drivetrain is a Shimano Alfine driven internally geared set up with a matching Alfine front generator hub. This allows the bike to have constant front and rear lighting powered by the spinning of the front wheel, a great option for a dedicated commuter bike when you don’t want to worry about where you left your lights or if they haven’t been charged/batteries dead etc. Really smart mix of parts on this build that put it into  a sportier category than a typical touring bike set up would be on a Saga frame. It rides beautifully and would be a great choice for longer, spirited road rides or dirt road adventures in the hills in addition to its daily duty status.

saga2 saga1


I modded the disc brake side fender mounting to work with the mid-fork blade eyelet to not interfere with the already crowded eyelet configuration. Worked out great!


The “Macguyver’d” light mounts we created to secure the lights to the frame. Joel came up with the idea for the rear assembly and I ground down and polished an old “Lee Chee” top pull brake arm to use a a classy light mount arm.

photo 2 photo 1


Mercier Mini Velo: Pedal Revolution Refurbished Bike Update 6-29-14

Mercier Mini-Velo $350 SOLD!

For urban apartment dwellers and mixed modal transit riders (bike on Bart etc.) folding bicycles can be very appealing.  Unfortunately, there exists an enormous price/quality gap between the high-end folding bikes and  the more economical models.  The cheaper folding bikes tend to be very flexy when ridden, clumsy to fold, heavy and hard to move when folded, and outfitted with parts of very low grade.  Fortunately, there exists a third alternative, the mini-velo!












Lacking the increased engineering complexity and weight of a folding bike, mini-velos can be equipped with decent parts (light and durable) and sold at a reasonable price.  While they certainly can’t be reduced to the size of a folding bike, the mini-velos economise transit and storage space compared to a conventional bike and ride much nicer than a folding bike.












Another pitfall of folding bikes is that they are built “one size fits all”.  This Mercier mini will, despite what the sticker may say, likely fit humans of any age from about 5′ to 5’6″ tall.



Specialized Rockhopper Sport : Pedal Revolution Refurbished Bike Update 6-26-14

This Rockhopper is special in that it was originally purchased at Pedal Revolution many years ago and was recently donated back to us from the original customer. It was a great bike back then and served its owner very well for years. Here it is completely rebuilt and ready for many more years of dutiful service. The frame is a 90’s era Specialized RockHopper Sport- a classic lightweight steel mountain bike. Pedal Rev refurbished it by replacing the wheels, tires, drive-train, brakes, handlebars, and saddle. In it’s current state it is an excellent everyday bike; under the radar black color scheme with a couple hints of green for kicks. Soma Oxford handlebar, Shimano brakes and levers, Handsome Cycles single ring crankset, and Continental City Ride reinforced tires are some highlights of the build. This will be gone quick…check it out!

19″ Seat tube x 23″ top tube.




Diamond Back Interval Road Bike : Pedal Revolution Refurbished Bike Update 6-25-14

A great 90’s Diamond Back Interval road bike. Double butted Lugged lightweight Tange steel frame rebuilt with new drivetrain, integrated shifters, and Shimano/Mavic wheelset.

SOLD!!!  53cm – $650.



db4 db3  db5




Pedal Revolution Selected as Advocacy partner for the Oregon Manifest Bike Design Project!

Pedal Revolution has been selected as the advocacy partner of the Oregon Manifest Bike Design Project in San Francisco!

The Bike Design Project is a five city event with five design teams working to create the best urban utility bike. The San Francisco reveal party will be on July 25th with craft beer provided by Deschutes Brewery. The proceeds from the beer sales go to support Pedal Revolution’s youth programming so drink up!

Bike Design Project_Screen shot

Surly Cross Town???

Introducing the Surly Cross-Town…


The Surly Cross Check is a versatile great bike.  We sell many of them. I, Joel, use and endorse one retrofitted with a three speed Sturmey-Archer 3-Speed hub. In terms of  of frequency of use, it is my most ridden bike. I love it.  I also love off road riding on drop bar cyclo-cross style bikes bikes.  The stock complete cross-check bike is intended to be ridden this way with a drop style handle bar and knobby tires.  It’s a great set-up for mixed terrain (road and off-road) riding and longer distance adventures (the drop bar provides many hand/body positions). Most of the folks coming to Pedal Revolution are primarily utilitarian city cyclists with no desire to ride off road (a mild bummer I.M.O.) and are usually going to be riding shorter distances in stop and go traffic.  The knobby tires sap efficiency and the multi-position drop bar is seldom, if ever, utilized.  For these reasons, we are promoting an alternative assembly with slick tires and an upright handlebar/riding position.

surlycrosstownaboveThe keystone of the revised cockpit is the Soma Oxford handlebar (also available in black).  This bar will get you way upright and comfortable and permits the use of the original bar end shifters.  While this is great, what is really sweet is this handlebar has enough real estate to get a few hand positions.  The rider’s primary position would obviously be on the grips behind the brake levers but one could also go for it at the bendy portion of the bar in front of the brake or really get relatively aerodynamic by holding the bar on either side of the stem.  If you wish to go for the occasional longer jaunt or bike trip, just do it!



The other vital mod is the swapping of low-profile knobby tires for semi-wide 32mm wide Panaracer Pasela tires.  These Pedal Revolution staff favorites offer a great compromise between ride smoothness and durability with great looking tan side walls.


We are offering this alternate Cross-Check build in any size for $1335 (Pedal Revolution stock retail price on the Cross-Check is $1225) and currently have a 56cm bike available for immediate visual perusal, real world test ride, and or purchase.

Benotto Road Bike: Refurbished Used Bike Update Pedal Revolution

Lil Benotto Road

Lil Benotto Road Bike










It’s hard to believe but when this bike was donated it had a severely beat down blue paint job and some very mediocre parts. Since the frame was nice in a classic way it and structurally fine it was deemed to be a righteous candidate for repainting.  The aesthetic inspiration for the color and some of the parts was this famous Eddy Merckx.


Dark Orange Powder Coat Plus Sparkle

Dark Orange Powder Coat Plus Sparkle


The actual color is not quite burnt orange Molteni…











The painted frame was rebuilt with a splendid selection of new and used parts.

New Wheels, Tires, Pedals, and Saddle

New Wheels, Tires, Pedals, and Saddle

New Chain and Freewheel

New Chain and Freewheel



Short and Tall Nitto Stem with Short and Shallow SOMA Highway 1 Bar













This is a comfy cockpit with indexing Suntour 7 speed bar end shifters and Dia Compe Bar non-aero Drillium Levers for period flair.



A Great Bike for Someone Around 5’2″














52 cm Frame/$800