Surly Cross Town???

Introducing the Surly Cross-Town…


The Surly Cross Check is a versatile great bike.  We sell many of them. I, Joel, use and endorse one retrofitted with a three speed Sturmey-Archer 3-Speed hub. In terms of  of frequency of use, it is my most ridden bike. I love it.  I also love off road riding on drop bar cyclo-cross style bikes bikes.  The stock complete cross-check bike is intended to be ridden this way with a drop style handle bar and knobby tires.  It’s a great set-up for mixed terrain (road and off-road) riding and longer distance adventures (the drop bar provides many hand/body positions). Most of the folks coming to Pedal Revolution are primarily utilitarian city cyclists with no desire to ride off road (a mild bummer I.M.O.) and are usually going to be riding shorter distances in stop and go traffic.  The knobby tires sap efficiency and the multi-position drop bar is seldom, if ever, utilized.  For these reasons, we are promoting an alternative assembly with slick tires and an upright handlebar/riding position.

surlycrosstownaboveThe keystone of the revised cockpit is the Soma Oxford handlebar (also available in black).  This bar will get you way upright and comfortable and permits the use of the original bar end shifters.  While this is great, what is really sweet is this handlebar has enough real estate to get a few hand positions.  The rider’s primary position would obviously be on the grips behind the brake levers but one could also go for it at the bendy portion of the bar in front of the brake or really get relatively aerodynamic by holding the bar on either side of the stem.  If you wish to go for the occasional longer jaunt or bike trip, just do it!



The other vital mod is the swapping of low-profile knobby tires for semi-wide 32mm wide Panaracer Pasela tires.  These Pedal Revolution staff favorites offer a great compromise between ride smoothness and durability with great looking tan side walls.


We are offering this alternate Cross-Check build in any size for $1335 (Pedal Revolution stock retail price on the Cross-Check is $1225) and currently have a 56cm bike available for immediate visual perusal, real world test ride, and or purchase.


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