Soma Saga Commuter! “What’s in the Stand?” at Pedal Revolution

In this installment of “Whats in the stand?” at Pedal Revolution, we have a well thought-out Soma Saga touring bike built up into an uber-commuter workhorse. The customer wanted something very reliable that could manage dual duties as a go to bike for multiple types of riding with it’s core responsibility as his everyday reliable transport. He did much of the build up himself with some help and brought the bike to Pedal Rev to set up his generator hub powered light-set. We added a few  modifications as per his request to have the lights bolted onto the bike rather than strapped on as they were designed to be.


The drivetrain is a Shimano Alfine driven internally geared set up with a matching Alfine front generator hub. This allows the bike to have constant front and rear lighting powered by the spinning of the front wheel, a great option for a dedicated commuter bike when you don’t want to worry about where you left your lights or if they haven’t been charged/batteries dead etc. Really smart mix of parts on this build that put it into  a sportier category than a typical touring bike set up would be on a Saga frame. It rides beautifully and would be a great choice for longer, spirited road rides or dirt road adventures in the hills in addition to its daily duty status.

saga2 saga1


I modded the disc brake side fender mounting to work with the mid-fork blade eyelet to not interfere with the already crowded eyelet configuration. Worked out great!


The “Macguyver’d” light mounts we created to secure the lights to the frame. Joel came up with the idea for the rear assembly and I ground down and polished an old “Lee Chee” top pull brake arm to use a a classy light mount arm.

photo 2 photo 1


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