Trek Road/Upright Conversion @Pedal Revolution Refurbished Bike Update

A really nice rebuild on yet another classic-era Trek frame. New powder-coat paint and mostly new parts on this one including, wheels, tires, drive-train, brakes, bars, saddle. Larger lugged steel frame with ample tire clearance and compact drive-train with wide range rear gearing. Ready for everyday use and the occasional longer distance/camp out overnight. Some Pedal Rev parts favorites are represented here like: Shimano/Mavic CXP wheel-set, Schwalbe creme delta cruiser tires, Nitto stem, and Soma Oxford bars finished off with signature harlequin cloth tape wrap job.

Sized big! 63 Seat Tube x 57 Top tube. Variable fit with the shortish top tube but we matched a long stem to compensate. Great for somebody 6’2″ and up, might work for a shorter person with a really long inseam.

$850. SOLD!


bigtrekbl6 bigtrekbl5 bigtrekbl4

bigtrekbl2 bigtrekbl1


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