Tangent City Mountain Bike @ Pedal Revolution Refurbished Bike Update

Another nice upright conversion here that hits some of the usual marks for a Pedal Revolution rehab. This steel framed 26″ wheeled smaller bike had it’s original knobbyish tires discarded for some nice new Continental Touring Plus tires.  The original flat handlebar was replaced with a Pedal Revolution favorite, the classic chrome Wald (USA!!!) “tourist” (aka model # 8095) bar.  Naturally, the bike also got some new brake pads a bit a of flair from new cables and colored housing.  This 17′” bike is a great do it all ride for someonearound 5’4″.  Part-Time Pedal Revolution summer sales staffer, and full-time kindergarten teacher, Daniel, said, “This bike will do everything”. Believe it, a multi-use and multi-purpose bike for just $325!

Sweet Crackle Paint Job

Sweet Crackle Paint Job


Sick Wald Bar

17″ Frame – $325 SOLD!


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